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QAU students’ protest against increase in fees enters third day

ISLAMABAD: Students of Quaid-e-Azam University (QAU) in Islamabad have been protesting against an increase in their fees for the last three days.

Talking to the media, they said BS first semester’s fee in 2019 was Rs59, 741, which in 2020 was increased to Rs76, 30.  And now in 2021, it had been further increased to Rs80, 240, they regretted.

One of the students said that fee for the first semester of BS had registered 30 per cent increase in the last couple of years. “Even the security fee which is charged by the university’s administration along with the admission fee, which was previously Rs5, 000, is now Rs10, 626,” he said.

The protestors are not only demanding the university administration to withdraw fee increase but also the cases filed against them as well as their fellow students. Student unions have again given a call for the protest at the university premises at 3:00 PM on Friday.

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