Qadri extends Revolution throughout Pakistan

Says dharnas will be held in all provinces

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Awami Tehrik (PAT) Chief Dr Tahirul Haq Qadri Monday announced the extension of Revolution March from Islamabad to all the provinces and said that Dharnas would be held in all the provincial capitals from today.

Addressing a big gathering of his supporters, Tahirul Qadri also asked the Prime Minister to respond to his demands before 12 midnight instead of sending negotiating teams otherwise he would fix the government at midnight. He vowed not to retreat an inch from his demands and tonight would not be the night of making jokes.

He vowed to struggle for giving due rights to the people of Sindh, Balochistan and FATA. He said that Pakistan was created with the promise that people of all faiths would be free to freely practice their religions but now members of Minority community (Hindu) were migrating from Sindh.

Similarly he said all the governments in Balochistan spent their budget by distributing funds among Sardars and tribal leaders instead of spending them on poor people. As a result seventy five percent of children in Balochistan are not going to schools. He asked the people of Balochistan including nationalists to stand up and struggle for the attainment of their rights.

Qadri without naming strongly criticized Mahmood Khan Achakzai of PKMAP and accused him of advising Nawaz Sharif for suppression of people of Balochistan. He said the leader from Balochistan is MNA, his brother is Governor, a brother is Minister in Balochistan Cabinet, his sister, nephew and niece are MPAs in the Provincial Assembly and questioned is it democracy that an entire family is holding such a large number of positions.

The PAT Chief said people of FATA have been denied their fundamental rights though they played an important role in the creation of Pakistan and assured them that his party would work for their uplift.

Qadri congratulated the marchers of Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaaf for their steadfastness and courage for change in the country. He also congratulated Imran Khan for showing democratic spirit and giving 48 hours deadline on the demand of the marchers. He said the participants of PAT and PTI are brothers and sisters and have the same goal to dislodge the government.

During the address of Tahirul Qadri, the speaker exploded due to short circuit which the gathering thought was due to pelting of stones by some body. However Qadri advised them to remain patient and continued his address after a brief pause.


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