Punjab govt approves 16 schemes worth Rs27.74 billion

LAHORE (INP): The Punjab Government approved sixteen development schemes of various development Sectors with an estimated cost of Rs. 27,743.158 million.


These schemes were approved in the 17th meeting of Provincial Development Working Party of current fiscal year 2014-15 presided over by the Punjab Planning and Development Board Chairman, Muhammad Irfan Elahi, says P&D Spokesman.


Members of the Planning & Development Board, Provincial Secretaries concerned and other senior representatives of the relevant Provincial Departments also attended the meeting.


According to Spokesman for P&D, the approved development schemes included: Land Records Management and Information Systems Project (Phase-I) (Revised) at the cost of Rs. 12,615.199 million, Provision of Arsenic Free Drinking Water for Pilot Projects (Johar Town & Tajpura), Lahore at the cost of Rs. 1637.370 million, Laying of R.C.C. Conduit Sewer from Shoukat Khanam Hospital Chowk to Sattu Katla Drain, Lahore at the cost of Rs. 1672.000 million, Establishment of Punjab Bioenergy Institute, (PBI), Faisalabad at the cost of Rs. 535.803 million, Construction of Girls Hostel for 1000 Students at University of Agriculture, Faisalabad at the cost of Rs. 545.693 million, Feasibility Study for Establishment of Agriculture Technology Park (PC-II) at the cost of Rs. 5.000 million, Construction of Flood Protection Works to Protect BRBD Link Canal from RD:285+300 to 300+000/L against the Erosion of River Ravi, District Sheikhupura & Lahore at the cost of Rs. 404.411 million, Construction of Tamman Dam, District Chakwal at the cost of

Rs. 1608.275 million, Widening / Improvement of existing road from Kahuta to Lehtrar Link Road via Sang, Tehsil Kahuta District Rawalpindi at the cost of Rs. 273.767 million, Rehabilitation of road from Gujranwala to Kali Suba via Ferozwala Bhoopar km No. 0.00 to 38.54 L=38.54 kms in District Gujranwala at the cost of Rs. 353.615 million, Construction of Dual Carriageway Road from Kingra to Sialkot (length=31.50 km), in District Sialkot at the cost of Rs. 1421.229 million, Widening / Improvement of road from Chak No.277/GB to 378/GB, length=20.60 km, District Faisalabad at the cost of Rs. 251.359 million, Widening / Improvement Satiana Road to 258/RB Dijkot More, length=20.20 km, District Faisalabad at the cost of Rs. 251.494 million, Dualization of Samundri-Rajana-Toba Tek Singh Road, length=49.00 km, Faisalabad / T.T. Singh at the cost of Rs. 3142.445 million, Widening / Improvement of Lahore Sargodha Mianwali Bannu Road Art: 2 (Phase-II) from Kot Chandna to Dara Tang km No. 354.50 to 408.92 length=54.42 Km in District Mianwali at the cost of Rs. 2306.472 million .


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