Public transport

November 13, 2016


The condition of public transport is deteriorating day by day. This is happening throughout the country but being the resident of Islamabad, I will specifically talk about the twin cities.

The basic purpose of public transport is to provide people safe and affordable means of transportation. But, with the increasing population instead of increasing the public vehicles, number of people in already available vehicles is increasing drastically. In a HI-ACE of nineteen people twenty-seven are made to sit at any cost. Even worse is the condition of Suzuki-ies and buses which have people sitting on the roofs and hanging through the doors. This is not only dangerous but also gives a bad impression of country’s transport system. Talking about taxis, they are no less than money recovering vehicle. They charge 500 rupees for taking 14 km ride. The icing on cake is that the drivers start racing resulting in terrific road accidents.

The public transport is for those who cannot afford a private car. Firstly, the rates should be made more affordable. Secondly, more vehicles should be provided so that people can have a comfortable ride to their destination. Lastly, drivers should be warned to follow the traffic rules. The concerned authorities are requested to take an action immediately otherwise none can stop it once it will go out of control.

Aimen Arshad

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