PTI suspends talks, insists on PM’s resignation

Talks and crackdown cannot go together: Tareen

PTI workers deflate police van’s tyres to prevent it from moving forward

ISLAMABAD: Jehangir Tareen, Arif Alvi, Shafqat Mahmood and other PTI leaders said the party would not back down from its protest despite massive arrests till the resignation of the Prime Minister and transparent inquiry into rigging of elections.

Addressing a press conference Saturday, Jehangir Tareen said the arrests being made have nothing to do with attack on PTV building. He said the arrests were to sabotage the address of PTI Chairman Imran Khan tonight to celebrate one month’s of Dharna. He said they suspended the dialogue due to state terrorism.

He criticized the PML-N government for arresting peaceful party protesters, saying talks and crackdown cannot go together.

Talking to media persons Saturday, the PTI leader said the party would not talk to the government team until the arrested party workers are not freed.

“500 party workers have been arrested illegally”, he said. He said that if any of the party workers was found involved in the attack on PTV, he would be expelled from the party. “Nothing less than prime minister’s resignation will be accepted”, he affirmed.

PTI spokesperson Shireen Mazari questioned that under what law the workers were taken into custody.

Earlier, a large number of agitated PTI workers surrounded the police van demanding the release of the workers and chanted anti-government slogans. PTI workers also deflated tyres of a police van to prevent it from moving forward. Arif Alvi present there, said that if Imran Khan announced, they would fill the jails across the country. He said “The party is giving a warning of half an hour to respective judges to come at the kutchehri where the detained party workers are locked and take up the matter immediately, otherwise the protesters will break the locks of the prison vans,” the lawmaker said.INP

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