PTI pushing country towards civil war, alleges Abid Sher

ISLAMABAD (INP): Minister for the State for Water and Power, Abid Sher Ali has said that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman, Imran through his protest and sit-in in the federal capital for last one month was attempting to push country towards civil war.

Talking to media persons here on Saturday, Abid Sher Ali alleged that PTI leader was targeting the political personalities without any evidence thus spreading anarchy and hatred among the countrymen.

He said that it seems that Imran and those accompanying him were the only righteous personalities while all others were corrupt and sinners.

The state minister said that PTI chief was creating hurdles in the development process for sake of personal interests and history will never forgive him.

Abid Sher Ali said that there was wide difference in statements and deeds of the protesting parties.

Chairman PTI and leaders of his allied parties have asked masses for civil disobedience but themselves following rules and regulations as they have paid electricity and gas bills.

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