PTI, MNA vows to reach Islamabad on foot accompanying 13000 activists from Peshawar

PESHAWAR (INP): PTI enthusiastic law maker announced on Monday that he will march from Jinnah Park in Peshawar on foot along with 13,000 workers and will reach Islamabad as ideological people do not need petrol or cars for bringing justice in the country. While addressing the Press Conference, MPA Sajid Nawaz belonging to NA-3 constituency stated that PTI workers are ideological workers and they will reach Islamabad walking the entire distance. This country was not made for a few families and their rule. Currently there is aristocracy and people of Pakistan democracy in its true spirit. He further added that the rein of tyranny is coming to a close and it is only a matter of a few days that people of Pakistan will get deliverance from tyranny. He stated that all elections in Pakistan were rigged and now people of Pakistan are fed up with this corrupt system. PTI demands fair and free midterm elections and we will not accept anything less than this. We will reach Islamabad on foot and will prove that no power in the world can stop ideological persons.

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