PTI Government bashing must end

September 2, 2018

Finding fault with the PTI government continues non-stop on the media despite Imran Khan’s plea to give him at least three months’ time. Deplorably, too much attention, time, money and resources have been lost to political bashing and intrigues for too much of our history. There must, now, be a combined pursuit of common goals, foremost among which is saving the country’s security and financial infrastructure. It is in the interest of all stakeholders, therefore, to carve out a fresh action plan for all problems facing the country, and ensure unflinching implementation. For that, again, all top organs of the state will have to work together. Having started off well, the PM must now carry this vision all the way. Bad mouthing about the present government’s performance is not enough. What many would like to see is that the opposition groups help in implementing smoothly what the government wants for the prosperity of the country. As things stand it is still in the process of formulating its policies. Pakistan has already suffered immensely due to tension and mistrust among political groups and it cannot afford continuity of the past practice. There are serious challenges that have to be tackled by the new government and that requires peace of mind and sincere support from all institutions and organs of the state. It is also quite obvious that challenges in the realm of security, defense and foreign affairs can best be addressed if Pakistan was economically strong. Political stability and continuity of policies are fundamentals to achieving that cherished goal. The perpetual cynics, who are convinced that this nation and her people will never recover from their debilitating circumstances, must be ignored. These people in posh drawing-rooms that clutter the urban landscape of our country are famous for making doomsday projections about all that is wrong with this country. Their argument, mostly, for why this country will never change for the better follows some story from their heyday years when they tried to bring about change, and failed. And since they failed, it must mean that nobody can succeed. These eternal pessimists must muster the courage to give this government a chance. And hold on for just a moment, before throwing our stones at the idea of Naya Pakistan. Imran Khan is an island of hope amidst seas of corruption and incompetence, who believes in enriching the people over his own coffers.

Media bashing of government must end as there should be a combined pursuit of common goals.