PTI expelled members engaged in campaign to defame party: Shireen Mazari

ISLAMABAD, Nov 15 (INP): Central Information Secretary of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) expressing surprise over the media referring to those formally expelled from the party as being PTI members and clarified that a group of those members become active whenever PTI commences a fund raising drive to try and sabotage the same. It has not worked in the past and will not work again.

In a statement on Saturday, Shireen Mazari said that these renegades led by Akbar S Babar were expelled from the party and are no longer members so legally they cannot refer themselves as PTI members. Akbar Babar has gathered these ex-PTI members, including some of the expelled legislators to continue in his lengthy and failed efforts to undermine chairman Imran Khan and other PTI leaders.

She said that they use fake email addresses posing to be PTI official email addresses stands exposed as all party official mails are sent from an email account.

PTI’s finances and accounts are regularly audited and available to the public as well as being available with the ECP. Our main Auditors are Munaf Ziauddin rated A Category by SBP and are affiliated with BKR Audit, an international firm.

Dr Mazari said that PTI, in its principled commitment to transparency, especially for our members, undertook a special audit to counter the accusations that were then being hurled by Akbar Babar and other renegades expelled from PTI. The Special Audit was done by a Lahore based firm Ahsan & Ahsan and the auditors went to Akbar Babar and other critics to ascertain their point of view. No political party would undertake such an exercise of indulging its opponents who were hurling baseless accusations. The Special Audit cleared PTI and its accused members of all the charges being hurled by the Akbar Babar coterie.

Dr Mazari said that the public should know where Akbar S Babar is coming from. He was thrown out of the party thrice but each time sought re-entry after showing repentance for past misdeeds. But each time he sought to undermine the workings of the party and had to be expelled from the party.


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