PTI decides to address Javed Hashmi’s reservations

Ijaz Chaudhary and Arif Alvi left for Multan to meet Hashmi

LAHORE: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf decided to address the reservations of President PTI Javed Hashmi. After the rumours of Hashmi parting ways with Azadi March, PTI has deployed its senior leaders Ijaz Chaudhary and Arif Alvi to meet Javed Hashmi and remove his reservations, sources reveal.

Both the leaders have left for Multan to meet Hashmi at his residence. Earlier today, it has been rumoured that President PTI Javed Hashmi has detached himself from Azadi March over the issue of a technocratic government. On his arrival at the airport, Javed Hashmi while talking to the media said that we shall not allow anyone to usurp the rights of Pakistan. Democracy is a part of his faith and no judge or general shall be allowed to take charge of the government, he added. President PTI further elaborated that he would sacrifice his life to stop any intrusions of martial law in the country.

Javed Hashmi stated that and there is no other way to solve issues of the citizens but democracy. Hashmi further stated that he is a part of PTI and is always in on party’s consultation however he has his differences on a lot of issues. Senior party leaders of PTI have dismissed any rumours of differences within the party. He said that he would be announcing his decision to join Azadi March in a press conference in the evening.

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