PTI condemns Indian defence minister’s ultimatum regarding talks

Held Kashmir is internationally recognize as disputed area: Mazari

ISLAMABAD (INP): Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Central Information Secretary Dr Shireen Mazari has condemned the ultimatum given by Indian Defence Minister Arun Jaitlay to Pakistan to choose between talks with India and the Kashmiri Hurriyet leadership.

In a statement issued on Thursday, Shireeen Mazari said dialogue cannot be held through ultimatums but through mutual interest as two neighbouring nuclear states, it was time for the right wing Modi government to mature and realise that dialogue with Pakistan was in India’s interest as much as in Pakistan’s, she added.

The PTI information secretary said that Kashmir was an internationally recognized dispute in the UN Security Council and therefore it was incumbent upon both Pakistan and India as well as the international community to engage with the Kashmiris in order to resolve the dispute politically and legally. India’s hysteria every time Pakistan raises the Kashmir dispute in order to call for its resolution within the UN bodies cannot alter the reality that Kashmir is an international dispute between two sovereign members of the UN and was recognised as such by India when it took the dispute before the UNSC under Chapter VI of the Charter.

However, she said it was interesting to see Indian Defence Minister equate the Hurriyet leadership with his government thereby recognizing the Hurriyet leadership as an equal partner in the Kashmir dispute.

Mazari asserted that the Modi government needs to realize that it cannot force dialogue through threats and ultimatums.  She concluded that it was unfortunate that the Nawaz government has been sending wrong signals to India which has led to India increasing its belligerency towards Pakistan. Mazari said PM Nawaz Sharif must put aside personal business interests with India and adopt a cohesive India policy keeping in mind long term national interest including on the Kashmir dispute. Peace cannot be forced through ultimatums, but must be premised on conflict resolution and mutuality of interests.


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