PTI committee asks PM Sharif to step down


PTI not supporting martial law, govt will be responsible if military takes over country: Javed Hashmi

ISLAMABAD, Aug 10 (INP): The Core Committee of Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaaf here Sunday resolved that the Azadi March will take place and any attempt to arrest the Chairman or take him into “safe custody” will be resisted with full strength of the Party workers and leadership.

The Core Committee also made it clear that the Party will demand Nawaz Sharif’s family must pay compensation to all those whose livelihood was impacted by the barriers and impediments placed by the govt, including the poor container owners, to stop PTI exercising its democratic right to protest peacefully.

Core Committee demanded that all containers must be removed immediately and petrol stations opened. It also demanded the Punjab govt to immediately implement the LHC order demanding the impounded motorcycles be released.

There will be no compromise on Azadi March. Tomorrow Chairman will reveal the planned massive rigging that took place in May 2013 elections, a statement issued after the meeting said.

Core Committee sent its workers a clear message that they must make it to Islamabad at all costs and come prepared with basic supplies. The Core Committee resolved that there should be no doubt in government’s mind that PTI workers and leaders will come to Islamabad even if they have to walk the distance.

Core Committee also resolved that if anything happened in which democracy was derailed Nawaz Sharif and his government will be solely responsible.

The Core Committee offered fateha for the two PTI office bearers murdered in Karachi.

Later talking to media persons senior PTI leader Javed Hashmi said that Khan’s arrest would be the biggest blunder of the Nawaz Sharif government.

He said that Prime Minister Sharif would be responsible for derailment of democracy.He said that the party is not supporting martial law and the government will be responsible if military takes over the country.

PTI spokesperson Shireen Mazari said that her party would strongly resist any attempt by the government to detain Imran Khan. She demanded that government open fuel supply and remove containers.

No container, she said, can stop PTI’s workers from coming to Islamabad to join the Azadi March on August 14. “Nawaz Sharf will have to resign,” she said.

She also urged her party’s workers to bring ration and necessary food supplies to Islamabad for long march.


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