PTI brought change by creating awareness among masses of their rights: Orakzai

PPP supporting government to save the democracy: Kakar

ANP not to let protesting parties to derail system: Rauf Lala

Salman Tanvir

Islamabad: The people involved in the attack of PTV building were mostly belonged to PTI as Imran Khan praised the act, this was alleged by the ANP leader, Senator Abdul Rauf Lala while talking in Talk Show BayBak at Roze news Saturday night. The PTI leader, MNA Khial Zaman Orakzai and PPP Senator, Rozi Khan Kakar also expressed their views.

Senator Abdul Rauf Lala came hard on PAT as well PTI leaders He said PAT activists dig out graves, wore coffin and keep threatening and leveling false allegations against the democratic government. They wanted to topple the democratically elected government but ANP would not let it happen. “Being a Muslim it is our tradition that if somebody dies we, mourn his/her death for days but the PAT activists’ celebrated the arrival of their leader at the same venue where 14 of his activists were shot dead. He said the demands made by the PTI and PAT are undemocratic and we would never support any such move, he said adding that I appealed them to end sit-ins keeping in view the devastations caused by the floods and help the people affected by the calamity.

Taking part in the heated debate PPP Senator Rozi Khan Kakar told that his party leaders, workers were subjected to brutal physical torture for raising the voice of oppressed people. He said Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto refused to kneel down before the dictator and went to gallows for the cause of democracy. Shaheed Benazir Bhutto was forced to live in exile and despite threat to her life, made no comprise and gave up her life for saving the democratic system. He made it clear that PPP neither siding with PML-N nor supporting PM Nawaz Sharif but only protecting the democratic system.


Replying to allegations leveled against PTI, Senator Khial Zaman Orakzai, told that we have forwarded resignation to NA Speaker but our resignation were not being accepted by the Speaker National Assembly reason best known to him.

He went on saying that Imran Khan has already brought the change by created awareness among the masses about their rights enshrined in the constitution, adding that Imran Khan had become the voice of 18 crore people and committed to change the system which is based on nepotism, corruption and injustices.










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