PSL in Pakistan : A history in the making

February 19, 2020

(Asif Mehmood)

PSL , this season , is really a treat. It has restored the happiness lost years ago when team Sri Lanka was hit by Indian proxy in Lahore while en route to Gaddafi stadium. That was really a dreadful day with horrifying consequences not only for the cricket in Pakistan but for Pakistan itself. Our image was distorted. Teams were reluctant to visit Pakistan. Our stadiums were like an infertile piece of land and our spectators were denied the amusement of watching cricket in their grounds. Rest is the history well known to everyone.

The situation was so painful that we were unable to have PSL in our grounds. The tournament was shifted to UAE amidst security threats. After almost a decade of resolve and courage and sacrifices we were able to conduct Semifinals and Final in Pakistan and even that was criticized. None other than Imran Khan himself mocked the foreign players saying that some “ Relo Kattas” and “ Phateechar” players were playing PSL. That was not only painful , that was also disgusting. I don’t dig deep that sad state of affairs we were grappled with because that is history now.

At the moment we are witnessing the blessing pouring upon our motherland. We have restored peace .  The cricket is back. This is the first time that PSL will be entirely held in Pakistan.  The history is in the making and today is the first day. The dawn of February 20 has restored our happiness. This is a festival.

We owe a debt of gratitude to our forces. We owe a debt of gratitude to Pakistan Army.  The sacrifices of our martyrs have brought this day to us. We are thankful to Allah. Let’s hope for the best. PSL is not only cricket. It is much more than merely a T 20 tournament. It is preamble of our resolve and it is prelude to peace and prosperity.

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