Proposed peace plan for Palestine-Israel conflict

February 2, 2020

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas warned he would cut all ties, including security coordination, with both Israel and the US, in a lengthy speech delivered at an Arab League meeting in Egypt’s capital denouncing the new White House plan for ending the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

“We’ve informed the Israeli side…that there will be no relations at all with them and the United States, including security ties,” Abbas declared.

US President Donald Trump‘s has earlier proposed peace plan for the Palestine-Israel conflict is as absurd and non-serious as Trump is himself. The ‘peace plan’ presented in the presence of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and no Palestinian representative at the White House has been rejected by Palestinians as well the whole world, except for Israel. The few Arab countries, who have ties with the Jewish state, have maintained their shameful silence over the development. President Trump, who has never shied away from calling himself the best friend of Israel and Netanyahu, can never be an honest broker to resolve the 100-year-old conflict because of his pro-Israel position, such as moving the US embassy to Jerusalem and recognising the annexed Golan Heights and other occupied territories. The so-called solution was manufactured by Trump’s inexperienced son-in-law Jared Kushner, former Trump Organisation lawyer Jason Greenblatt and US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman. Palestinian leader Mehmood Abbas and Hamas leaders have called the plan nonsensical and the ‘slap of the century’. In the process, Palestinians were never consulted. At the unveiling ceremony, Trump invited both Netanyahu and his political opponent Benny Gantz at the White House to win both leaders’ blessing but he did not consult or invite any Palestinians. There was no point in consulting the Palestinians to discuss this heavily pro-Israel plan.

On the face of it, the plan calls for the creation of two states. But the plan envisages a Palestinian state that has limited sovereignty, giving a license to Israel to act as a policeman of the Palestinian state. Instead of handing over all occupied territories to Palestine, the plan relies on land swaps to keep the big West Bank settlements in the hands of Israel, and offers a little of Israeli territory to the proposed Palestinian state. The plan gifts undivided Jerusalem to Israel as its capital, whiles the Palestinians, instead of making East Jerusalem their capital, would be allowed a sub-capital on the outskirts of the city. Israel will have full control over some 30 per cent of the West Bank, which will turn the West Bank and Gaza into two independent entities to be connected with a train service. The proposed train will pass through the annexed Israeli areas, which the Jewish state will stop at will. Though the peace deal is destined for the dustbin of history, Israel is going to annex West Bank areas as soon as next week. In short, the plan does not offer anything to the Palestinians, both imprisoned in territories and refugees living outside the country. 

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas warned that there will be no relations at all with Israel and the United States, including security ties.

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