Progress of NAP

For the first time since launching National Action Plan, an apex committee at the federal level met to review its progress. Result reflected that much work remains to be done for the comprehensive implementation of NAP.

Two sessions were held, the first chaired by federal Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali, followed by another chaired by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. The top civil and military leadership and the provincial administrations were present at the occasion.

It is encouraging to see a consensus emerging at the top to launch a full-scale countrywide crackdown on sectarianism. There is indeed dire need to eliminate sources of terrorist finances, and mobilising alternative narratives against the hate-filled ideologies that fuel extremist actions. Chief Ministers of the provinces need to take a hard line against sectarian elements.

While talking to the media persons Interior Minister said there is a thin line between sectarianism and terrorism and both go hand in hand. There should be zero tolerance for hate speech and literature. The step should be appreciated that actions are being taken against elements who declare others infidel or prompt others to kill anyone on the basis of religion and believes. He also said that registration of Madrassas and also monitoring would continue with the consultation of clerical leadership of these institutions. It was also decided that federal and provincial administrations would keep a sharp eye on the activities of the non-governmental organizations (NGO’s). Similar arrangements would be brought into being on arms licences, security companies.

Although due to the great sacrifices of our army we have eliminated the roots of menace of terrorism but there is a lot left to do in order to maintain long lasting peace in our county. Target should be to implement all the twenty points of NAP with true spirit and letter.

Until terror financers and abettors would not be smashed, long lasting peace is hard to achieve.  


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