Progress in Pak-US ties likely

July 25, 2019

Some signs have emerged that that there is going to be a visible improvement in the US-Pakistan relationship. Prime Minister Imran Khansuccessfully delivered Pakistan’s point of view on all the contentious issues. It’s a good news that the US President Donald Trump has accepted an invitation to visit Pakistan extended to him by our PM. Ahead of the meeting, US Senator Lindsey Graham, who by some accounts was instrumental in arranging the meeting, tweeted: “Great meeting with the PM of Pakistan, Imran Khan. In my opinion Prime Minister Imran Khan and his government represent the best opportunity in decades to have a beneficial strategic relationship the US. This will help us secure Afghanistan and the region in the long-term.” On the trade front, interactions between the two countries are heavily based on economic ties, which is why it is important that both now pay attention to economic diplomacy too. President Trump has said that the US is willing to invest in Pakistan and sees great trade opportunities there. He also talked about expanding trade “10, 20 times”. Three consecutive meetings between the senior leadership of both countries took place. The exchanges in all three sessions were frank and Pakistan’s delegation was able to deliver the message they had come with, which was to present Pakistan’s point of view, as there had been a long gap in discussions between the two sides as an interaction of this level had not taken place in the past five years. For five years, the top leadership of the two countries had not met. Pakistan did not have a foreign minister and for five to six years it did not have any lobbyists appointed in the US, all of this led to a vacuum in the relationship between the two sides. About the seriousness from both countries towards rebuilding the relationship, we cannot forget the fact that the relationship between the two countries was such that no door was being opened for Pakistan in the time of Alice Wells and Lisa Curtis. Pakistan used to ask for time for discussions and they were not ready to give that to it. That was the level Pakistan was at a few months ago. Wasn’t Pakistan’s stance the same at the time? Wasn’t our Foreign Office the same at the time? From that, Pakistan has come this far. Not that the things have completely changed the way they were for Pakistan,  but one can say that a possibility has been created for the door to be opened that was completely shut for Pakistan.

Pakistani delegation went there in all seriousness to reset the relationship. The unevenness that once existed in the US-Pakistan relationship has been lessened. 

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