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Private Company Refuse to Reduce Railways Fares The increase in fares up to 60% could not be withdrawn Despite the order of Railways Minister.

Despite the order of Federal Minister for Railways Sheikh Rashid Ahmed to reduce fares, the private company did not reduce fares the increase in fares up to 60% could not be withdrawn. The private company has also canceled half of the tickets for children and the elderly. Despite informing the head quarter about the increase in fares by the railway divisions, no progress has been made. A three-member committee formed to fine the private company for raising fares is also inactive. According to sources, private company S Jamil Endco is operating five passenger trains under private partnership including Faiz Ahmed Faiz, Lathani, Meher Express, Attock and Junda Express. The private company had increased fares without informing the railway authorities and increased fares by 20 to 60 per cent.

Federal Minister for Railways Sheikh Rashid Ahmed has announced that a three-member committee has been formed on trains run under private partnership. The fares of these trains are allowed to be increased by up to five per cent. If any party charges more than this, the train will be withdrawn from them in the next 24 hours.

The fares have not been reduced and the passengers are receiving additional fares ranging from 20% to 60%. The railway divisions have repeatedly informed the headquarters but no action is being taken on the issue. The fares of Attock Express and Jund Express have been reduced by 20%. The increase of up to 50% has not been withdrawn. With this, the private company has also canceled half of the children’s tickets.

Children’s tickets are being given on 80% of the total tickets instead of 50% of the amount and the senior ticket has been increased from half to 80%. In Meher Express, half of the tickets for children and adults have been canceled. The half ticket which used to be available at Rs 125 has been reduced to Rs 150. Thus, up to 80% of the amount has been taken from children and elders. Railway officials despite the order of Railway Minister. Relevant divisions are reluctant to take action. Authorities at the headquarters put the matter on ice.

In this regard, the committee set up by the federal minister to increase fares and fine private companies is also inactive. A spokesman for the railways said that the federal minister for railways. The train will be withdrawn from a private company within 24 hours as per the order of the Railway Minister if the increase in fares has not been withdrawn.

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