Price hikes getting terrible

January 27, 2020

The budget-friendly appeal of basic food is fading fast. Food is more expensive today than in the past. Food is the basic necessity of life we work hard for. Every living thing consumes to form energy and that energy is used in work. Just imagine your prospect dish and the ingredients required being ridiculously expensive. These are the most difficult days to go grocery shopping. Bigger price tags are really incomprehensible. The price of all food has risen such as vegetables, fruits, potatoes, onions, tomatoes, eggs, sugar, rice, flour, edible oil, lentil, chicken and other meat etc. A visit to the grocery store has become more of a budget burner these days. Prices of food items have skyrocketed. But this is not just the natural economic shift. The price hikes are here to stay, and the stats are making us nervous. Both kind of foods ordered in restaurants and foods bought at grocery stores have become now a luxury. Denizens see constant pressure on food prices for the foreseeable future.  The price of food is a symptom of underlying economic crisis. The state of the economy and the corrective measures undertaken to fix it are what distressed the common man the most, because that had the most direct and harmful impact on them. The PTI rulers devalued the rupee in a sudden and bellicose style within a couple of months by close to 27% since they took over the reins of the government. This resulted in input costs going through the ceiling leading to record price increases. Family units can cut down their expenditures, tighten up their belts but when it comes to the essentials, main food items for instance, there is not much that can be done. Some of the climb in prices is related to seasonal effect while others can as well be attributed to a supply channel problem. Nevertheless, a grave food affordability problem has now set in. The government has made an effort to make available some relief in the shape of placing price controls in the markets but that effort can’t provide the help, which the denizens are really looking for. The government also needs to crackdown on hoarders looking to make a quick profit. But it needs to do more to arrange for relief, as maximum of this trouble for the common man is the end result of the government’s economic policies that have created price rises resulting in people’s sufferings. The PM, just asking his cabinet to enforce government prices is not enough. The issue is that there’s no immediate resolution for food price hikes. Unfortunately, the citizens have to continue trudging uphill, emptying their pockets along the way.

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