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Press Freedom Day

Every year on May 3, World Press Freedom is celebrated across the world. Pakistan also celebrated World Press Freedom Day in a bid to stand up for freedom of the press and journalists around the world. In Pakistan, rallies and seminars are conducted to highlight the importance of freedom of press. In 1993 General Assembly of United Nations announced this day to pay tribute to the journalists who lost their lives for this profession. The theme of the day is “Access to Information and Fundamental Freedom: This is Your Right”.

In recent times attack on journalists and media houses have increased manifold. Considering the grave situation, government should ensure foolproof security to the working journalists and also for welfare of their community.

Government should formulate bills related to ‘Right to Information and Protection of Journalists’ into law on priority basis, because an educated citizenry can play a dynamic role in the development of the country. Modern democratic societies depended on the free flow of information and the right to information. Political parties should acknowledge role of media as watchdog of the society, as it provides valuable inputs and feedback in formulating government’s policies.

Democratic societies value the promotion of freedom of press.  

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