President warns against any political adventure

ISLAMABAD (NNI): President Mamnoon Hussain on Thursday said the country cannot afford any meaningless political adventurism at a time when it is fighting a war for its survival and stability.
Addressing flag hoisting ceremony in Islamabad to mark the beginning of the Independence Day’s celebrations Mamnoon Hussain called upon the political leadership to play a serious and responsible role to avert any chaos and anarchy in the country.
“This day reminds us of the relentless struggle waged by our forefathers to get a separate homeland for the Muslims of the sub-continent. This also reminds us of our responsibility for the defense and security of the country.”
He said the nation is celebrating Independence Day in a particular atmosphere when the personnel of armed forces are rendering matchless sacrifices to purge the country of the menace of terrorism.
Paying tributes to the sacrifices of the armed forces, the President said under an organized conspiracy, terrorism was promoted in all parts of the country, which caused colossal human and economic loss to the country.
He said the government is wholeheartedly working day and night to eradicate different forms of terrorism. He said the entire nation should stand united behind the armed forces so that this menace could not resurface.
The President said the nation should also not forget the sufferings of the displaced families of North Waziristan who have to leave their homes for the sake of the country. He said efforts should be made so that these people could return to their homes without any delay.
“We should reaffirm our resolve to make Pakistan a progressive country, free from terrorism and extremism.”
Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, chief of the armed forces, federal ministers and foreign diplomats were also present on the occasion.
Flag hoisting ceremonies were also held at the provincial capitals, district headquarters and other important national institutions.

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