PPP senator lauds Imran Khan

Staff Reporter


ISLAMABAD: Senator of Pakistan Peoples Party Usman Saifullah said that Imran Khan has become a source of inspiration, a symbol of change and providing awareness to the people about their rights.

He expressed these views in Roze TV talk show ‘Bay-Bak’ on Monday, he said that Imran Khan has been successful to change the mindset of the people and has made them more conscious about their due rights. He said that Imran is bringing positive change in the behaviours of the people and now they are more concerned about their privileges. He said that most of the claims of Imran make sense and people see a ray of hope in him. He termed the infamous incident of PPP senator Rehman Malik as a sign of rebellion that people would not tolerate VIP culture anymore. It is pertinent to mention here that Rehman Malik allegedly kept PIA flight delayed for two hours for himself, passengers got furious and ultimately passengers refused to let Rehman Malik on the plane.



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