PPP, PMLN wipeout in the making: Imran

ImranBilawal will also have to chant ‘GoNawazGo’: Qureshi

SARGODHA: Mr Asif Ali Zardari, why don’t you pull back the curtain on how to make money without having to work?
PTI, Imran Khan, Friday posed this question to Pakistan People’s Party co-chairman while addressing a mega rally in the City of Eagles, Sargodha.
“Zardari sahib, please share your revolutionary work-less-money-making ideas with the youth. You should be delivering lectures to university students on this subject”, said he while demanding of the PPP leader to come clean on who is funding the construction of ‘Bilawal Houses.’
Khan said the electricity supply to his house was disconnected for non-payment of bill only for a month, while Ittefaq Foundries, Parliament and the PM Houses that owe millions of rupees to power companies were still hooked up to the national grid.
Today, the PTI leader was happy with the organizers for putting up an orderly show and his fervent workers for making the rally a thronging success.
“I thank you, the Eagles of Sargodha, for being here today. I must say it has been one of PTI’s most organized public meetings so far”, said Khan.
Surprisingly, this time around, even Khan had to show his ‘special permission pass’ to climb on the podium set up on a shipping container.
“Sharif and Zardari should know that their parties are bound to meet the same fate in the next general elections. Both PMLN and PPP will be wiped out from the face of Pakistani politics forever. It’s a given”, said the PTI chief.
Going forward, Khan predicted that PTI’s Larkana rally, set for November 21, would be a mammoth one.
“Next Friday we will be hold another record-breaking rally in Gujarat”, Khan announced winding up his speech.
Meanwhile, Addressing the PTI rally in Sargodha, Qureshi said that PTI wanted to strengthen the federation and now Khan will turn his caravan to Sindh.
He said that the PPP would held a rally in Karachi on Saturday where slogan of ‘go Nawaz go’ will be chanted. He said that Khan had forced Zardari and his followers to chant the slogan of ‘Go Nawaz Go’.
Qureshi said that the Imran Khan will hold a rally in Larkana on November 21. Agencies

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