PPP not to support minus-one formula: Zardari

LAHORE: Former President and Co-Chairman of Pakistan Peoples Party Asif Ali Zardari categorically said on Saturday that his party will not support ‘minus one formula at all. 

Talking to media persons at Lahore airport on Saturday after meetings with Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, Amir Jamaat e Islami Sirajul Haq and PML-Q President Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain, Mr Zardari evening said that his party will not let democracy be derailed. He reiterated that the PPP will extend every possible effort to uphold democracy in the country.

Zardari said that he urged Prime Minister Sharif to resolve the current political crisis through dialogue. “I told PM Nawaz Sharif … dialogue, dialogue and dialogue … democracy means never shutting the door,” said the former president. “I have met Prime Minister Sharif and requested him to have patience and handle everything politically. Everything has to be handled politically.” 

He said it is their effort to get out of the present crisis and said the politicians can find solution of every problem by sitting together.  

Zardari advised every one to continue the dialogue process to at least bring down hostility in the crisis. He said he told the Prime Minister that a strong tree bends more and he would be better to work with others through love and affection. 

He said they are all one and there is no third umpire. If we talk about the third umpire, things would go far away. “In my view we all are umpires and there is no third umpire,” he said when asked to comment on Imran Khan’s speech.

He said Imran Khan and Dr. Tahir ul Qadri may have grievances but that could be addressed through talks.

“I accept that system should be strengthened. Election reforms should be made. We should handle these issues politically. This was my objective to come to Lahore to meet Prime Minister and other parties to realize the situation.”

 The former President made it abundantly clear that he was not with any body but Pakistan.

He said the parliamentary parties should not challenge an elected government through street power and they should work to strengthen the Parliament. In this connection, Mr Zardari said he voluntarily surrendered the powers of the President to the Parliament. He said the PTI has entered the politics and every one should welcome it. He said the party has also theright to resign from the Assembly.  


He said during PPP’s five year government, abusive language was used but they would play the role of a responsible opposition and would never use such language. NNI



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