Power corridors shaken up: ECP requested to cancel PTI’s registration

LAHORE: Senate and Balochistan Assembly raised a combine motion against ‘Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) chairperson Imran Khan’s call for civil disobedience and submitted ‘their resolution. A request has been sent to Election Commission Pakistan (ECP) for the ‘cancellation of PTI’s registration.’

Power-corridors are stirring up as Khan calls for a civil disobedience in Pakistan at large. PPP and ANP submitted a joint resolution in which they ‘expressed numerous considerations against Khan’s civil disobedience movement and said that this ‘movement poses a grave threat to the essence of democracy in Pakistan.

Balochistan assembly has submitted a joint resolution against PAT and ‘PTI’s ‘dharnas’. The resolution stated that Khan’s demands for the resignation of Prime Minister and Cabinet are unconstitutional. It termed the ‘dharnas’ as contrary to the spirit of ‘democracy and a conspiracy against the populace. Agencies

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