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Post-sanctions Iran could have huge positive impact on Pakistan economy

KARACHI:  President of Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) believes that Iran-P5+1 nuclear deal would have huge positive impacts on economy of Pakistan.

In an interview with Iranian news agency on Saturday, ‘Iftikhar Ahmed Vohra’ said both Iran and Pakistan could enjoy fast-growing trade ties after the nuclear deal.

“Pakistani traders are very happy on Iran nuclear deal. We have already welcomed Iran’s nuclear deal with western powers and we strongly believe that it would help improve Pakistan-Iran economic ties in a short period of time,” he said.

He was of the view that now Pakistan can take big and fast steps to improve business links with Iran which were affected by the sanctions.

“Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline project is quite vital for Pakistan to overcome its energy woes but now we can enhance our ties with Iran in other energy and power projects, too,” Iftikhar Ahmed Vohra said.

“We can enhance our trade with Iran in various areas along with the IP project so the IP is not the only project that can improve Iran – Pakistan ties,” he added.

He further said that Iranian consulates in Pakistan, especially in the post-sanctions era, can be very helpful in boosting Iran-Pakistan economic ties. “We remain in touch with the Iranian consulate in Karachi for better trade ties with Iran,” he said.

Iftikhar Amed Vohra said, ‘Definitely, we would like to enhance our trade with Iranand we are thinking of sending a trade delegation to Iran to explore more trade potential in the neighboring country.’

Commenting on Iran’s growing trade ties with other countries in the region including India, KCCI president said,’We have no problem with increasing Iran-India trade ties as both are independent nations and have right to enhance their own bilateral trade ties.’

He added that India is a big trading partner of Iran but “being our brotherly neighbor, we expect Iran to pay even more attention to its ties with Pakistan.”

To a question, he said that Pakistan and Iran need to control the illegal trade in the border areas as a major obstacle against more developed bilateral trade ties.

Also commenting on China–Pakistan economic corridor, he was of the view that the corridor would not only help improve Pakistan-China trade, but it would be very helpful to enhance Iran-China trade ties.

“Once this corridor is built, then Iran and China can use the route for transportation of goods through Pakistan, so it would be correct to say that Pakistan – China Economic corridor would benefit the whole region,” KCCI president said.


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