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Portraying the real picture

The United States will not make the remaining military reimbursements to Pakistan for fiscal year 2016 because Defence Secretary Jim Mattis cannot certify that Islamabad has taken sufficient action against the Haqqani network, the Pentagon has informed.
Spokesman, US Defence Department Adam Stump cleared,” The decision will immediately affect a reimbursement of about 50 million dollars as congress had already reprogrammed 300 million dollars”. Step of United States is not unpredictable because it was written on the wall and earlier, we also mentioned this several times. Unfortunately, Pakistan’s Govt has no time to look into these sensitive matters due to Panama. Everyone knows that Pakistan military, F.C. Rangers, Police and public have rendered huge sacrifice fighting war against terrorism and still paying on daily bases but yet not conveyed the world due to incompetency of our leaderships.
We think, we still have time to convey our sufferings to the world and show accurate picture of sacrifices of our nation. For this purpose need experienced diplomatic missions and full time Foreign Minister otherwise we should be prepared to face more hard times in future.
We need to portray real picture to the world that Pakistan has rendered huge sacrifices fighting terrorism.

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