Politicians must act for the sake of country’s integrity, solidarity


The political arena representing total chaotic situation as both the protesting parties’s leaders are not ready to step back from their agenda. Though the demands made by the PTI and PAT are similar to some extent but the civil disobedience movement call given by the PTI Chief Imran Khan has drawn much criticism from the politicians as well as the other segments of the society. The PTI leaders and workers were astonished to their captain latest move as they were expecting that Imran Khan would lead them towards Parliament House by breaching Red Zone. Now the PTI has decided to resign from the National as well provincial assemblies except Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. PTI is in consultation with its allied parties in KPK to seek their opinion on the very move. . The party has decided to submit the resignations of its MPs to relevant speakers today.

The latest move has again created panic among the already frustrated masses. The government had already constituted two separate committees to hold talks with the PTI and PAT to address their genuine grievances but made it clear that the demand of PM Nawaz Sharif’s resignation is not acceptable at any cost. The PAT as well PTI keep demanding from the PM that they will not rest until the resignation of the PM. PAT chief has already given 48-hour ultimatum to the PM to resign and announce formation of national government. Now at a time when government was in contact with other parties in order to find ways to resolve the confrontation in a democratic way, the PTI has shun the doors of any dialogue with the government. Jammat Islami chief Sirajul Haq has not only rejected the civil disobedience drive but also expressed his reservations on the team formed by the government for resolving the govt-PTI, PAT differences.

While the PAT chief Dr Tahirul Qadri has flatly refused to hold any sorts of dialogues with the government arguing that any talk will be held in public and in front of his workers.

Qadri also creating more problems for the government telling the PM to respond to his demands before 12 midnight instead of sending teams otherwise he would fix the government at midnight. Like PTI chief Imran Khan, Qadri hasen’t given any inch to the ruling party. How Qadri is going to fix the things at the midnight is yet to be seen.

In a democratic system, parliament is the most prominent place to resolve differences among the political parties. Settling political differences at the streets can not be justified in a civilized society. The government has demonstrated maximum restraints in the ongoing confrontation. It used each and every channel to defuse the tension by assuring that ruling party is ready to settle the issues as per the constitution.

PTI chief Imran Khan has announced to lead his workers towards the parliament which is a dangerous move. Sunday, some of the charged activists of PTI tried to enter into the Red Zone but timely intervention by the party leaders, the activists were convinced not to make any such move.

On the other side the government from the beginning of the crises keep warning the protesting parties not to enter into Red Zone otherwise the government would have left with not option but to use force. Monday night, Imran Khan again stunned the entire nation by announcing that he is going to lead the workers towards the parliament arguing that he had given the 48 hours deadline to the government which is going to be expired Tuesday. This is dangerous move and now what was being feared that the ongoing tussles between the protesting parties and government might be ended up in clash, now the showdown is imminent as the federal interior minister has already told Imran Khan that enough is enough and government would not allow protestors to enter Red Zone at any cost. The masses fear the worst. Under the prevailing circumstances, country cannot afford any bloodshed as it would destablise the country and encourage anti democratic force to take over. Imran Khan should revisit the decisions he made and must act in a democratic way. The ground situation totally suits those anti democratic elements that are bent upon to derail the democracy.

If democracy derailed it would not bring any recipe to the marchers. It is the duty of every politicians to bar Imran Khan from heading to showdown otherwise he would have no time to regret the move he made. Imran Khan being matured politician,must act wisely and disassociate himself from anti democratic forces for the sake of the country’s integrity, solidarity.



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