Political uproar: What’s in the offing?

The government seems totally paralyzed in dealing with the multiple challenges the country is faced with. The law and order situation is getting from bad to worst again across the country. The incumbent government had failed to fulfill the promises it made to the general public. The loadshedding, gas shortage, sky-rocketing prices of items of basic commodities, ever rising menace of terrorism coupled with unemployment are the major issues which has badly damaged the credibility of the ruling party. PM and his teams went abroad to muster up world leaders’ support for Pakistani products easy access to European countries and convince foreign governments as well private sector to invest in Pakistan but ironically could not achieved the desire results. So far Pakistan has failed to attract foreign investors or receiving any significant aid from any major country that used to claim all out support to steer the country out of financial crises. Only IMF and World Bank are extending loans to Islamabad but on “their terms and conditions”.

After coming to power, the PM keeps claiming that he would end corruption, nepotism, terrorism and put an end to electricity crisis but unfortunately he could not live up to his words. The ruling party failed to take PPP to the task for plundering the national wealth. Not a single PPP’s leader or those corrupt practicees whose deeds are no secret to masses, instead of languishing in jails are enjoying all the perks and privileges. Nepotism has also touched new heights as one can see the “Blued eyed” persons being appointed heads of state institutions. Some of them even do not have the experience to run the day to day affairs what to say about appointments on merit. The law and order situation has again gone from bad to worst. Killing of eight labourers, robbery at world’s most renowned social activist, Maulana Abdul Sattar Edhi speaks volume about government credibility. It was very sad to notice that from PM to most of our national leaders failed to even express their sympthies with Edhi sahib as nobody bothered to even contact him on phone what to say about visiting his home. PM, CM Puunjab Shahbaz Sharif and their ministers remained busy in politics of confrontation. Kh Saad who is also among some ministers acting “More Loyal than the King” keeps alleging PTI and PAT sit-ins were meant to stop Chinese Investment in the country. On Monday he disclosed India attracted investment worth 20 billion dollars from China. He said that Chinese president did not arrive in the country due to security issues developed from the political sit-ins. In other words he has admitted that ruling party has lost its grips when it comes providing security to high profile personality such as Chinese President Xi.

The incumbent government is accusing PTI and PAT for its failure to fulfill the promises it made to the common men. They have projected Imran Khan and Dr Qadri a danger to foreign investors, terming them fundamentalists. Before the sit-ins, the government was also facing hardship to convince the foreigners to invest in Pakistan. The foreign investors do want to invest but due to deteriorating law and order situation, sharp rise in corruption and appointments of some persons on key posts having “dubious credentials” barred foreign investors to come to Pakistan.

Instead of busy in character assassination, the government should have stay focused in wiping out terrorism, putting an end to corruption by holding across the board accountability etc. etc the ruling party deviated from the very stance and turned its guns on their opponents. The ruling party keeps claiming that PM can not be forced to resign at the whims of ‘few thousands’ people and could complete its tenure. The Prime Minister on Sunday has again told that general polls would be held in 2018. Keeping in view the processions being held by the protesting parties i.e. PTI, PAT, PPP and Jamaat-e- Islami, it would be hard to rule out the possibility of mid-term polls being expected to be held next year. PTI and PAT are striving hard to bring the ruling party on its knees and are not giving any space to PML-N to regain public’s confidence. The incumbent government did try on is level best to control the law and order situation but could not fulfill the promises it made with the common man.

The government not only failed on domestic front but it also remained unsuccessful on external front. Unprovoked firing by the Indian forces, shelling from Iran and Afghanistan are ample proof of failed foreign policy. The problems rulers are facing today are due to its own failure in fulfilling the promises it made to the people. The government seems to have not learned the lesson from its past mistakes. It is the dire need of the hour to revisit the domestic as well foreign policy based on purely in the best interests of the country.

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