Political uncertainty damaging country’s economy

The political crisis is now advising causing damages to national economy and it has becm necessary for all the stakeholders to shun their differences and resolve the issue at the earliest. Efforts are being made to find a peaceful resolution of the confrontation acceptable to all. Country hasn’t recovered fully from the economical crunch yet. The latest development has upset all peace loving Pakistanis as the Chinese President Xi Jinping’s trip to Pakistan that was scheduled for September 14, has been postponed due to security reasons. Chinese delegation was in Islamabad to access the political situation ahead of their president’s historical visit to Pakistan and reportedly expressed their concerns over the arrangements. Earlier, the Chinese envoy to Pakistan had requested the government to vacate Red Zone of Islamabad ahead of the President Xi’s visit.

Though the message of Chinese envoy was also conveyed to both the protesting parties’ leaders but due to non-flexible attitude of the PAT, PTI and government, the Chinese delegation opted to postpone the visit of XI. The visit was very crucial for stablising country’s economy as a number of economic and defence deals were expected to be signed between the two countries.

Last month, Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa also cancelled his visit to Pakistan in the wake of the country’s political situation.

The cancellation of Sri Lankan and now Chinese President’’s visit is a major blow to the government at a time when the country was deep in the throes of political turmoil and uncertainty.

The PTI is staging sit-in at D Chowk while on the request of PAT chief, his activists as well supporters have started moving from Constitution Avenue. Both Imran Khan and Dr Qadri are still in no mood to withdraw their demands i.e. seeking resignation from the Prime Minister while the later who is now fully backed by the leaders of parliamentary parties, has made it loud and clear that he would not resign come what may. The time is not ripe for any political confrontation. The parliamentary parties’ leadership has told PM that despite having reservations about 2013 elections, they are supporting the incumbent government for the supremacy of the constitution and democracy. Nawaz Government is under immense pressure now being criticized over its failure to fulfill the promises made before and after coming to power.

No doubt the present government is in deep blue water as it has to deal with the parliamentary parties as voices have been raised in the joint session about Federal government and Punjab government for not taking the issues seriously that resulted in sit-ns on the part of PAT and PTI. The talks are again being held between the government and the protesting parties on various levels and there are reports of breakthrough. But uncertainty definitely prevails on national as well international. The incumbent government is showing flexibility as much as it could but still it has failed to bar their hot-headed ministers from making inflammatory speeches against both the protesting parties as it would further aggravate the marchers.

.The masses can not afford the ongoing political confrontation any more and still finding themselves in a fix. Their problems still remained unsolved. Loadshedding coupled with gas crisis have turned their lives nothing less than a misery. Despite the loadshedding, the raise in power tariff had multiplied their agony. Containers placed by the government, major avenues either being controlled by the marchers or the police, have become a permanent source of mental torture as one can not reach to work or schools fearing he or she might fell prey victim to the enraged protestors or police brutality.

Now the government has to deal with another crisis as the MQM chief has also asked his party MPs to tender resignation. Altaf Hussain has warned the government to mend it way and resolve the ongoing political confrontation within two weeks otherwise he would join the protesting parties for seeking end to injustice, disparity, inflation and other issues related to masses. The situation is not favourable to any quarters as it another crisis it only befitting the anti democratic as well anti state elements to compel the masses to opt for street protests.

Media being a pillar of state seems divided on a particular issue. Some vested quarters are orchestrating campaign and public rallies to express support to the quarters that fulfill their ‘requirements’. The media should show maturity and perform its duties without favouring any quarters. Rumours are on that democracy is in danger due to alleged tussle between the state and protesting parties. There may not be a winner in this bitter power struggle, but the developments taking place have heightened political uncertainty in the country.


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