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Political party spreading disinformation to disturb city’s peace: Rangers

KARACHI: Without naming MQM, Rangers sources on Sunday stated that a political party was spreading disinformation about the raid on Nine Zero to disturb the city’s peace and to create distrust between the public and the media.

According to reports, it stated that citizens were being misled in matters of security. The ranger’s source also stated that facts will be brought to the light and Sindh rangers will issue a fact sheet providing further information about the operation soon. On the other hand Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) denied issuing any statement in the recent days.

According to the details, ranger’s sources said that the information provided by the political party related to the operation at Nine Zero was not correct and facts were being distorted.

MQM however argued that their complaints against the operation are based on facts and legitimate. It also stated that the raid at Nine Zero should be investigated by a judicial commission.


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