Political instability to harm national interest

As the political turmoil continues amidst some indications of a breakthrough, a largely united parliament Wednesday resolved to protect the sanctity of the elected house and would not allow the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to resign. Reacting strongly to the derogatory remarks being used by the Pakistan Tehreek-e- Insaaf and Awami Tehreek against the Parliament, they said the Parliament represents the voice of 180 million people and it will complete its mandated five year term. The members once again pledged to standby the government of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif for the sake of democracy and constitution.

The atmosphere in the joint session remained tensed from the beginning. Most of the parliamentary parties’ members started raising slogans ‘shame’ as soon as the PTI’ MPs led by party Vice Chairman Shah Mehmood Qureshi entered the House to put their case before the parliamentarians before submitting resignations.

Exchange of harsh words took place between Federal Minister Zahid Hamid, Rohel Asghar and Shah Mehmood Qureshi at Parliament lobby during the prayer break.
Zahid Hamid termed behavior of PTI sit-inners undemocratic which irked the later but due to timely intervention of federal minister for broadcasting and other MNAs the tension was defused between the government and the opposition members.

The standoff between the government and the protesting parties is again damaging the spirit of democratic norms as it was witnessed that the ruling party and all the parliamentary parties including the opposition are openly siding with the incumbent government and keep insisting that PM would not resign under any circumstances. They again sent a clear message to the protesting parties that their demand of PM’s resignation is totally unconstitutional and unacceptable to the House. While the ongoing tussle is also taking its toll to the bureaucrats who are finding it extremely difficult to perform their duties. I.e. the former IGP Islamabad Khalid Khan Khattak suffered heart attack heart as he was under immense pressure over his failure to launch crackdown on the protesters. He was appointed IGP after then IG Aftab Ahmad Cheema was reportedly removed from the post for not accepting the government’s order to crackdown on protestors.

The government officials can not perform their duties as Pak Secretariat is totally under the control of marchers who are not allowing them to enter the building. The situation is getting worst with each passing day and government is being pressurized by the parliamentary to maintain the writ of the law. The House unanimously assured the incumbent government that it would complete its tenure with the backing of parliamentary parties. Most of the MPs were asking the government to continue its efforts in finding peaceful way to end the crises but in the same time they also criticized the government over its failure to deal with the protestors. Parliamentary leaders keep complaining that they can not enter the parliament House properly. One day they are guided by the concerned quarters to enter from one door while they other day they are being compelled to leave the House through back door. No doubt it was a matter of disappointment that not a single person was arrested during or after the attack on the national broadcasting institution.


There were complaints that a few thousands protestors have laid siege to the Parliament House and other state buildings and government should take immediate steps to end the siege otherwise it could encourage others to follow the same path.

Once again, efforts are on to resolve the crises through dialogues as PPP and Jamaat Islami leader are in contact with the protesting parties especially with the PTI which is main stakeholders. The negotiation team has indicated that talks are making headway and soon the masses would hear the good news. The crises could have been averted had the government acted immediately. Giving cold shoulder to PTI’s demand for recounting of four constituencies and lethargic attitude of concerned quarters in handing post- Model Town tragedy has weakened the federal as well provincial government position. Though government has accepted the PTI’s demands except the resignations and dissolution of assemblies, but both the PTI and PAT leaders are now not ready to give up. Both are insisting that Prime Minister must resign arguing that they can not get justice from the incumbent government as it would influence the judiciary.

Political stability is the essential requirement for growth of business activities and economic development of the country as no investor would come to invest in Pakistan in uncertain political environment. It is the duty of political leadership of the country to keep the national interest of the country always supreme and avoid any moves that may prove harmful for the country.



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