Political impasse amidst threats and confusion

The Federal Interior Minister Ch Nisar Ali Khan Friday disclosed that a vehicle loaded with explosives and two suicide bombers have entered into the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad which forced the government to place containers for the security of the marchers. He lamented the threatening gestures as well derogatory remarks being used by the PTI and PAT leadership. He conveyed a clear message that government is ready to remove their concerns through dialogues but no one should consider it as our weakness.   Now definitely the PTI and PAT would act to the Ch Nisar’s press conference and it is being feared again that the protesting parties would come out with tit-for tat response thus situation again heading towards a political impasse that has paralyzed the federal capital. Common man who fears for the worst as none of the stakeholders appeared to be serious in resolving the conflict which has badly damaged the image of country’s in the eyes of foreign world. The US statement in the backdrop of current political situation ,no doubt tantamount to intervening into our affairs but our politicians are also to blame for providing US chance to poke its nose.

Now Imran Khan again took a hard stance. Responding to Ch Nisar’s media talks, he has again called for holding mid-term polls arguing that worst kind of rigging has been done systematically, particularly in those constituencies which he wanted to be recounting of votes.

Meanwhile, National Assembly, the Senate has also rejected the unconstitutional demands of PTI and PAT seeking Prime Minister’s resignation and the dissolution of the assemblies. The Senate unanimously expressed the resolve to uphold the supremacy of the Constitution of Pakistan, the sovereignty of Parliament, which embodies the will and the mandate of the people of Pakistan, and the prevalence of the rule of law.

Thus reminding both the protesting parties that it should show flexibility on their part and must not seek PM’s resignation as it would set a wrong trend in the country’s politics. The MPs belonging to ruling as well opposition parties had reaffirmed that democracy would not be derailed and they will continue their fight to safeguard constitution and law of the land. While in a latest move, it has been suggested by several parties including PML-N that PM’s resignation demand can be entertained once the judicial commission in its findings holds PM Sharif responsible for rigging – a condition set by the ruling party for prime minister to quit his office.

The PTI has submitted resignations of its MPs to the National Assembly Secretary.

According to PTI leaders Shah Mehmood Qureshi the resignations of all 34 MNAs belonging to the party, including that of chairman Imran Khan has been handed over to the Secretary NA, while the Election Commission of Pakistan has told that it is bound to hold by-elections within 40 days on the seats vacated by any individual or group.

The political parties particularly the PPP and Jamaat Islami leadership hasn’t gave up their efforts to resolve the crisis. JI Chief has urged the PTI to withdraw the resignation and also appealed to the Speaker National Assembly not to accept the same in the larger interest of the country. He maintained that his party is in contact with the protesting parties to find ways acceptable to all the stakeholders. JI chief advised them to end the crisis within 48 hours in order to save the democratic system otherwise it would encourage the anti democratic forces to intervene.

The PPP Co chairperson, Asif Zardari after consulting party leaders on the prevailing circumstances in Dubai is supposed to hold important meeting with the PM within next 4 hours. PPP Senatotr, Rehman Malik has also appealed to the PAT and PTI’s leadership to defuse political tension, fearing that the deadlock is going towards clash
One should keep in his mind that if the opposition parties failed in defusing political tension which has reached at peaks then it will only suits to anti democratic forces who are bent upon derailing the democratic system. The political impasse could result into clash and provide ‘third force’ to take advantage of the situation and then there would be no win-win situation for any political party.

The protesting parties must stop using derogatory, defamatory and inflammatory language in their speeches as being witnessed for the last many days otherwise it would encourage others to pay back in the same coin. Every politician either hailing from protesting parties or power corridors must abide by the law and should not aggravate the already tensed political situation. Government must stop its ministers from passing threatening or contradictory remarks against the marchers in order to defuse tension and to ensure that the democratic system continues to function in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution



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