Political crises coupled violence and consparacies

Country is passing through crucial time since its creation. The political arena represents total chaotic scenario as masses have been divided by some ‘opportunists, seasonal’ politicians in the name of democracy. The law and order situation is getting worst. The killing of  Ali Akbar son of Allama Abbas Kumeli in Karachi Saturday, created panic among the masses who are already badly perturbed over the ongoing political confrontation between the government and PTI, PAT that started with Imran Khan demanding recounting of votes in four constituencies and  took ugly turn after the Model Town carnage that left 14 of its activists dead and injured scores of people including women, kids and elderly people. Parliamentary parties that assured all out support to the incumbent government by clearly sending a message to the protesting parties that their demands seeking Prime Minister’s Nawaz Sharif resignation and dissolution of assemblies are unconstitutional. The solidarity expressed by the parliamentary parties’ leaders gave strength to the PM who told Imran Khan and Dr Qadri that he would not resign come what may. Heated debates were made during the joint session of the parliament accusing the marchers for assaulting the state organs. Now same parliamentary parties’ leaders especially PPP leaders Khursheed Shah and Ch Aitizaz Ehsan are opting for distancing themselves from the ruling party arguing that PML-N leader hasn’t learnt any lesson from the mistakes it made in the past. PM Nawaz Sharif was clearly told that he should keep his ministers under control. The PPP which is no doubt a major political parties whose support is vital for the government to deal with the crises tried to convince the PM that it were not the PTI or PAT leaders to be blamed for deadlock due to their inflammatory remarks coupled with  character assassinations.

The situation is not favourable to any patriotic, peace loving Pakistanis. The country’s economy is again on the verge of collapse. The cancellation of Chinese President’s visit is a serious blow to country’s economy as number of projects particularly energy projects with the Chinese assistance (worth $35 b) were supposed to be signed, have been delayed now. These projects no doubt are a source of oxygen for our economy, which would not only push growth rate of economy upwards by solving energy crisis but also help create millions of new jobs. Governing has shift the blame on PTI and PAT for the cancellation of Chinese President’s visit. The ruling party expressing its dismay on the attitude of marchers told that it was not expecting from Imran Khan that he would show such immaturity and irresponsibility. PTI chief Imran Khan has alleged government made false claims that Chinese government was investing nearly $ 35b to help Pakistan’s shamble economy. Imran accused government of hiding facts arguing that it was not investment and   these loans are being taken at 7% interest. But government has termed it incorrect arguing that  these projects are not loans but coming as Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the country. Government is now striving hard to arrange the visit at the earliest by using diplomatic channels.

The flood has also played havoc in Punjab. So far thousands of people have lost their homes, while over 100 people lost their lives during the torrential rains. Now another danger is looming as India has reportedly announced that it would release the floodwater in order to save her land. This is very dangerous move by the New Delhi. The water level is rising and has reached to alarming position due to the torrential rains and water being released by the Indians. India can not be a friend to Pakistan as its leadership politics is totally anti Pakistan. There are some quarters who always accused India as well Israel of involved in destablising Pakistan through funding anti state elements to create anarchy. Big powers’ role can also be not ruled out in hatching conspiracies against Pakistan’s atomic programme. The Indians, Israelis and anti Muslim forces can not afford Islamabad to remain six nuclear state as the Muslim countries have always termed Pakistan their fortress. But there concerns were not taken seriously.

The conspiracies to destablise the country are continued. Our armed forces are achieving desired results in operation Zarb Azab with the backing of entire nation. Under the prevailing circumstances, Pakistan can not afford political confrontation. The law and order is getting worst with each passing day.. Target killers are killing innocent people in broad-day light to create sectarian violence. The killing of  Allama Abbas Kumeli’s son in Karachi and Sikh trader in Peshawar is very alarming. Government has to act wisely by giving space to its opponents to resolve the differences peacefully otherwise the political impasse would harm the country’s integrity.







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