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Political chaos and sufferings of common man

The ongoing tussles between the government and other parties especially Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf in general and Pakistan Awami Tehreek in particular have pushed the ruling party against the wall. The Chief of PTI has already told Jamaat-e-Islami Amir Sirajul Haq that time for dialogue is over. Though, he had announced earlier that talks can be held after August 14 which means that Imran Khan still showing flexibility on his part. In the latest move, PTI has reiterated resolve to hold Azadi March at every cost warning the government not to arrest Imran Khan otherwise the party would resist with full strength. The PTI has also demanded of the PM to compensate the poor, container owners and all those people whose lives have been affected due blocking roads and police’ refusal to let them enter into the federal capital in the name of security.

The announcement made by the PAT chief to launch Inqilab (revolution) March with PTI’ Azadi March’ on August 14, has frustrated the ruling party. Dr Qadri told the activists to recite Holy Quran and remain peaceful during the protests while in the same time he is provoking them by saying that if anybody tries to stop them then break his hands. Dr Qadri from the beginning to fear that plans are either in the pipeline or have been prepared to ‘martyr’ him by the government. PAT was supposed to observe Youm-e-Shuhada to express solidarity with the armed forces and with the martyrs of PAT of Lahore carnage but the day ended with declaration of war against the government.

Now again the ultimate sufferer will be the common man particularly those who have nothing to do with the politics. For the last many days people were afraid of leaving their homes for going to work due to the presence of heavily armed police contingents on every major road of the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. The protest demonstrations on the part of PAT have badly damaged the working class. They are most of the times are being denied by the police officials from entering federal capital on security reasons. Most of time protest rallies have left little chance for earning bread and butter for them. Government utilizing all strategies to not let protesters enter into the place of protest and ordered to the owners of petrol pumps not to provide petrol to the consumers so they would not reach to the capital ultimately. Authorities must also realise that almost two lakh commuters of twin cities travel from Rawalpindi to Islamabad and vice versa, to meet the both end needs. They faced tremendous trouble by the blockade of roads and with non-availability of petrol. Huge numbers of workers are daily wagers, they find it hard to earn for themselves and for their families as they find it impossible to reach at their work places. While dealing with the political confrontation, political parties must also feel the sorrows of common people.

The Model Town carnage gave the real strength to PAT Chief. No doubt it was a national tragedy which could have been avoided. Why the provincial government decided to remove the barriers erected outside head office of Tehrik Minhajul Quran at 2 A.M. Whosoever took the decision for use of lethal force against the PAT’s women and stick-wielding activists committed a ‘blunder’ as it resulted into the death of dozen of activists. The operation could have been launched in the day after holding talks with the affected party. The real culprits behind the carnage have not been brought to the book till now thus leaving more excuses for the PAT to continue their protests.

Now prevalent political confrontation has reached to its peak after Dr Qadri revealed that that government has issued orders of his assassination calling already angry activists not to spare Sharif family and ministers in case if he got killed. Similar statements were issued by Chief of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf that is he would be eliminated by any means by the government then his activists must not spare the Shareef brothers. If we put a glance in the history of public rallies of PTI, we find them non-violent, although the demands are ultimate this time, still Imran Khan pledged that Azadi March would be non-violent. Considering this incumbent government should show some flexibility for letting the protesters to do protests as Nawaz Sharif also held anti-government public rallies in the capital during the last government of Pakistan Peoples Party.


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