‘Political admin failed to maintain law and order in Khyber Agency’

LANDIKOTAL (INP): Khyber agency residents and tribal political parties leaders have  expressed a grave concerns over the growing militancy which claimed 37 lives in August while 13 others injured during the month of August.



Political party leaders said that militancy hundred percent increased in Khyber Agency in August compare to July in which 21 persons had lost their lives in militancy related incidents.



ANP Khyber Agency president Shah Hussain Shinwari said that it was not the matter of Khyber Agency but all the country was suffering from militancy. He said it was confirmed that in seventy percent of untoward incidents only criminals were involved. Shinwari lamented the political administration and said that they have failed to serve the people. Adding that Khyber Agency and Pak-Afgan highway have strategic importance for international politics where all big powers are hatching their conspiracies to hold their interests.


PML-N Khyber Agency general secretary Ikramullah Jan Afridi said militancy could be controlled if worldwide policy came into force. He said some of the active tribal Mashran were assassinated while the rest were struggle to survive .He said people should stand up against those who were killing and kidnapping residents jamrud Kukikhel tribe , also criticised the effortless tribal elders who step down before the false powers. He alleged that PA Khyber Shahab Ali Shah was not committed with his job as administrator. He said PA Khyber not coming out from his bombproof vehicle to observe the ground situation in Khyber Agency. He said some of the so called elders were getting their privileges but did nothing to restore peace.



PTI FATA leader Iqbal Afridi alleged the elected MNAs and senator from Khyber Agency were setting in Islamabad while their poor voters were languishing in militancy. Afridi said administration easily arrest layman for minor crime but criminals and militants could not be arrested to bring peace to the area. He said jirga system which was a symbol of unity and strength was dismantled in the tribal society.


“What is happening in Khyber Agency was the reaction of military operation in FATA”, said the PTI leader, adding that officials of the political administration and local elders were not capable to cope with the situation.



Malik Faizullah Jan Kukikhel was hopeful and said that they have already started negotiations and jirgas within the tribe members to restore peace. Malik Faizullah accused that India and Israel were funding such lawlessness to destabilize the country. He said they were confused who and way doing such criminal activities in Jamrud.



This news agency correspondent tried to take version of the Khyber Agency Political Agent Shahab Ali Shah and assistant political agent Jamrud Roshan Khan Mehsud but they didn’t responded to the phone calls and text messages.

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