Policing the revolution

Atif Iqbal


Capital city of any country is basically having the government offices that contribute in the centralized command and control for the whole nation. There are many branches of the same federal offices in other provinces and cities accordingly. However the significance of the capital cannot be taken as a latent characteristic. The concept of the capital city is ancient. World dominations of Alexander the great, then the British Empire and so on, every global civilization had the concept of centralized control centers. This is why the capital of any country enjoys the best of securities and most pampered living conditions for the residents. Islamabad is undergoing extreme political situations and salutations to the police have become mandatory.

In the bigger picture, police were the first persons or government officials that started the practical preparations of the revolutionary marches of the PTI and PAT. As the orders from the Interior Minister were to keep the residents of the Islamabad safe and sound, police started to manage the revolution weeks before the actual marches had started. Police officers from almost all over Pakistan were called. For the first time ever in the history of Pakistan this much police personal were called upon for the follow up of the protest called by the opposition. It has been two weeks, fourteen days of unforeseen and very sensitive political scenarios.

Still, by the proper preparations of the police Islamabad remains safe. Having terrorism threats and the past incidents of terrorism everyone was dubious of the security measures. Hopefully, this safe environment will continue till the political resolves are actually and practically achieved and the marchers head back to their destinations. The reserve of the police and their unbiased loyalty towards the people of Pakistan can be experienced in the capital. The police as the internal security providers have been working day and night for safety of the residents of Islamabad. Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP) has been actively seen as giving directions to the people of the marches that are new to the capital.

The role that has been carried out by the security forces of Pakistan is simply put, efficient and public oriented. The residents of Islamabad are very much comfortable by the security that is why the daily routines have been unchanged at the verge of the political shift of this level. The combination of the political decision makings, the protestors’ conduct and the managerial role of the security forces has indeed given a new hope to the people of Pakistan. Perhaps, Pakistani’s as a nation have become mature enough to over see and determine what is best for them and the coming generations.

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