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Police vacate school, colleges completely in Islamabad

ISLAMABAD, Sept 26 (INP): Model colleges and schools in the federal capital were evacuated completely by the police on Friday and the police have now been shifted to sports complex.

Police contingents summoned from various districts of Punjab and Azad Kashmir were residing in the educational institutes of Islamabad since first week of August.

Ministry of Interior had made these police officers stay at the public schools without the consent of Ministry of Capital Administration and Development (CAD).

More than 30,000 police officers inhabited the public schools even after the summer vacations had ended. Students, parents and then court had long been expressing their apprehension on the situation.

The government was thenceforth forced to make an alternative arrangement. More than 63 educational institutions were housing these police officers for one and a half month and the vacations were therefore extended four times.

Parents and teachers hold the government responsible for the affecting the educational process of their children.


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