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PM’s UNGA address

Prime Minister Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif’s address at the 70th session of United Nations General Assembly is being lauded as he made the world realize about the ceasefire and working boundary violations of India and asked for resolving Kashmir issue according to the resolutions of United Nations.

Prime Minister while proposing a four-point peace initiative with India, he said the two countries should address and resolve the causes of tension and take all possible measures to avert further escalation.

He said he wanted to use the opportunity to propose a new peace initiative with India, starting with measures that were the simplest to implement.

His first proposal asked for formalization and respect of 2003 understanding for a complete ceasefire on the Line of Control in Kashmir. For this purpose, we call for United Nations to monitor the observance of the ceasefire. In second proposal he said “We propose, that Pakistan and India reaffirm that they will not resort to the use or the threat of use of force under any circumstances. This is a central element of the UN Charter. In third suggestion to normalize relations between the two countries Nawaz Sharif asked for the steps to demilitarize Kashmir. In last he suggested for an unconditional mutual withdrawal from Siachen Glacier, the world’s highest battleground.

Prime Minister also said that after forming government in 2013 his priority was to normalize relations with India and eliminating poverty and underdevelopment should be the goal of both neighbouring countries. He also said that cooperation and not confrontation should define relations of India and Pakistan.

Pakistan has expressed no desire to involve in arm race in South Asia. But on the other side India keep boosting its military budget.

Overall, speech of Prime Minister was quite balanced and explains the policies of Pakistan in an efficient manner. Ball is in India’s court to consider the proposed points for peace in South Asia.

South Asia needs strategic stability and this requires serious dialogue to achieve nuclear restraint, conventional balance and conflict resolution

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