PM’s another appreciable step

October 30, 2018

It is a welcome move that Prime Minister Imran Khan has launched his government’s innovative program of Pakistan Citizens Portal which will be a medium for a quantum change by enabling the citizens to have a say in the government affairs through registration of their complaints/suggestions, highlighting the functioning of all its ministries, departments and offices. Such a web portal is first of its kind in the country’s history, interconnecting about 3,760 federal and provincial departments. Terming it as one of the manifestations of ‘Naya Pakistan’ in which the people would get a sense to own the government, the PM said the previous rulers failed to change the colonial mindset and treated the people as a subjugated class. After registering with the portal, citizens residing in Pakistan and abroad can register their complaints online through an application. An Android version of the application is available and an IOS version will be made available soon. Complaints will automatically reach the heads of relevant departments who will then take appropriate step to address the matter. The maximum time limit for addressing a complaint will be 10 days. Unfortunately in the past the wealthy and influential people got their issues resolved but the ordinary man on the street had to suffer. Such trends did not change and the public expectations with the government offices ran very low, but now that trend has to change, the government offices and officers should serve the people. The people in government will have to realize that they must help citizens, since their salaries are being paid through taxpayers’ money. Changing the mindset of government functionaries is vital to improve the governance system in the country, therefore through easy access to this web portal by all and sundry, the politicians, ministers and government functionaries have been made accountable.  Under this portal, the citizens could raise their voices online and the departments and offices concerned would be bound to respond in the specific timeline to address their complaints and the PM Office would oversee the progress on those issues. It is hoped that the program would also help the government to make policies based upon public feedback and suggestions, and their opinion would serve as springboard and thrust for such policies. The system will enable the government to keep track of what’s happening in various ministries and departments, and how they are performing, and subsequent policies will reflect what the public wants. To avoid unauthentic complaints before putting in complaint on the system, the address and ID card details will be sought and this database will be connected with the National Database and Registration Authority. We hope the PM must have considered all the steps necessary to make the portal really operational.