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PMLN strives for democracy and constitution? Oh my gosh  

By Asif Mehmood

With Nawaz Sharif’s diatribe there comes a crunch question to fore: Is Lotaism synonym of democracy? If memory serves better we are well aware of the fact that the PML-N has awarded tickets to at least 146 past loyalists of PML (aka PLM-Q) and PPP in 53 national and 93 provincial constituencies in Punjab.  Well you talk about accountability of the dictators but your actions speak volumes of the fact that this is just a lip service and has nothing to do with the democracy or the constitution.

Zafarullah Jamali was Prime Minister in Musharraf era, now he has joined PMLN. Marvi Memon, Sardar Yusuf, General (R) Qadir Baloch, Amir Muqam, Zahid Hamid , Talal Ch. Danyal Ch, Tariq Azeem, Sumera Malik , all are now PMLN. Where is your commitment to purify the political culture my sir?

Here is the complete list of the men who joined PMLN from Musharraf’s side. Raja Javed Ikhlas (NA-51), former District Naib Nazim from 2001-2005 and District Nazim Rawalpindi from 2005 to 2010 on PML-Q ticket, Malik Aitebar Khan (NA-58), former PML-Q MPA (joined the PML forward bloc), Maj (retd) Tahir Iqbal (NA-60) was PML District Nazim Attock, Ghias Mela (NA-65) had contested from PML platform for NA seat in 2008, Sumaira Malik (NA-69) was former federal minister from 2002 to 2007 and won in the national assembly seat on PML ticket in 2008, Abdullah Shadikhel (NA-71) was PML MNA candidate from 2002 and 2008, Humair Hayat Rokari (NA-72) former district Nazim, Rasheed Akbar Niwani (NA-74) was former PML District Nazim of Bhakkar, Col (retd) Ghulam Rasool Sahi (NA-75) was former PML MNA in 2002, Muhammad Asim Nazir (NA-77 ) former PML-Q MNA in 2008, Qaiser Ahmed Shaikh (NA-86) contested from Tehreek-e-Istaqlal in 2002 and an independent candidate in 2008, Ghulam Bibi Bharwana (NA-87 ) was elected MNA on PML ticket in 2002 and 2008, Shaikh Waqas Akram (NA-89 ) former federal minister from PML, Saima Akhtar Bharwana (NA-90 ) won in 2002 as an independent candidate and joined PML and again contested as an independent candidate in 2008 and won, Sahibzada Mahboob Sultan (NA-91 ) former district Nazim Jhang and former MNA on PML ticket, Azhar Qayyum Nehra (NA-100 ) is former PML MPA from Gujranwala, Mian Shahid Hussain Bhatti (NA-103) is former PML Tehsil Nazim, Nawabzada Mazhar Ali (NA-104) is from PPP, Ch Mubashir Hussain (NA-105 ) is from the PPP, PTI and finally landed in the PML-N, Ch Abid Raza (NA-107 ) is from PML, having been alleged to have contacts with banned outfits and was in the PPP in 2002 and afterwards joined the PML after Chaudharys managed his release from the jail, Nasir Iqbal Bosal (NA-109 ) had contested 2002 election on the PML ticket and lost to PPP candidate, Ch Armaghan Subhani (NA-111 ) is former PML Punjab Minister, Zahid Hamid (NA-114 ) had drafted the NRO and November 3Emergency Order and was former PML State Minister for Law and Parliamentary Affairs, Daniyal Aziz (NA-116 ) is the former Chairman NRB during Musharraf era, Rai Mansab Ali Khan (NA-137 ) was elected MNA in 2002 and got defeated in 2008 on the PML ticket, Nadeem Abbas Raberra(NA-143 ) is from PML, Rao Muhammad Ajmal (NA-146) contested and lost on the PML ticket, Mian Moeen Wattoo (NA-147 ) contested and lost on the PML ticket, Sheikh Tairq Rashid (NA-149) was a PML candidate for tehsil nazim, Sikandar Hayat Bosan (NA-151 ) was PML MNA, Ashiq Hussain Bukhari (NA-151) is former PML MPA, Pir Rafiuddin Bukhari (NA-154 ) was PML MPA in 2002 and 2008, Muhammad Akhtar Khan Kanju (NA-155) was PML MNA, Syed Fakhar Imam (NA-156) remained with the PML before joining the PPP and losing in 2008. Fakhar Imam’s daughter is still a PPP Senator.
Pir Aslam Bodla (NA-158 is from the PPP, Ch Iftikhar Nazir (NA-159) is from the PPP, Ch Ashraf (NA-161 ) is from PML, Saeed Manhais (NA-169 ) is from PML-J and his son has won on the PML ticket in 2008, Sardar Jafar Laghari (NA-174 ) was PML MNA, Hafeez-ur-Rehman Dareshak (NA-175 ) was former PML district Nazim, Malik Sultan Hinjra (NA-176 ) won from the PML platform in 2002 and 2008, Khalid Gurmani (NA-177 ) is from PML and had party ticket, but lost, Ibad Dogar (NA-178) is from PML, Makhdoom Basit Sultan (NA-179 ) is from PML, Abdullah Shah Bukhari (NA-180) is from PML, Makhdoomzada Hasan Ali (NA-183 ) is from PML, Mian Najeebuddin Awasi (NA-184 ) was tehsil nazim Bahawalpur, Khadim Wattoo (NA-188 ) was PML provincial minister, Alam Dad Lalika (NA-189 ) is the son of former Federal Minister late Abdul Sattar Lalika, who was the first one to join the Musharraf bandwagon well before the Chaudharys changed loyalties, Tahir Bashir Cheema (NA-190 ) had contested the national assembly elections in 2002 and 2008 on PML ticket and Makhdoom Alam Anwar (NA-190) is from the PML.

Meanwhile, the PML-N’s choice on 93 provincial seats include Raja Shaukat Aziz Bhatti (PP-4) former PML forward bloc MPA, Engineer Qamar-ul-Islam (PP-5) former PML forward bloc MPA, Col (retd) Shujah Khanzada (PP-16) former Punjab Minister and PML MPA, Sher Ali Khan (PP-18) former PML forward bloc MPA, Malik Zahoor Anwar (PP-23) former PML forward bloc MPA, Mukhtar Bharat (PP-28) former PML forward bloc MPA who got elected MPA on PML-N ticket in 2002 and joined PML-Q, Ghulam Dastgir Lak (PP-29) contested election on PML ticket in 2008, Manazir Ali Ranjha (PP-31) former PML MPA and Punjab Minister, Malik Shoaib Iqbal (PP-32) contested on PPP ticket in 2002, Dr Nadia Aziz (PP-34) PPP MPA in 2002, Sardar Kamil Gujjar (PP-35) PPP MPA in 2002 and 2008, Rana Munawer Hussain (PP-36) PPP MPA in 2008, Malik Javed Iqbal Awan (PP-39) PML MPA in 2002, Karam EIlahi Bandial (PP-40) joined PML in 2002, Muhammad Waris Kallu (PP-42) former parliamentary secretary PML 2002 to 2007, Amanat Ullah Khan Shadikhel (PP-43) former PML MPA in 2002, Adil Abdullah Rokari (PP-44) from PML-Q, Ali Haider Noor Niazi (PP-45) elected MPA on JUP ticket in 2008, Malik Feroze Joya (PP-46) from PML, Sanaullah Mastikhel (PP-47 ) was elected as MNA on PML-Q ticket from NA-73 in 2002, Hameed Akbar Niwani (PP-48) from PML-Q, Saeed Akbar Niwani (PP-49) former Punjab Minister in 2002, Afzal Sahi (PP-52) former Speaker Punjab Assembly and elected MPA in 2002 on PML ticket, Rai Ejaz Hussain (PP-56) PML forward bloc MPA, Khalid Khalil Noor (PP-58) PML-Q forward bloc MPA, Arif Gill (PP-59) PML MPA in 2002, Rao Kashif Rahim (PP-60) from PML, Raza Nasrullah Ghumman (PP-62) from PPP, Ajmal Asif (PP-63) from PML forward bloc MPA, Muhammad Saqlain Anwar (PP-76) PML forward bloc MPA, Khalid Sarghana (PP-79) PML forward bloc MPA, Azam Chela (PP-82) from PML, Ch Iqbal Gujjar (PP-98) former PML MPA and Punjab Minister, Shamshad Ahmed Khan (PP-100) former PML MPA and Punjab Minister, Malik Fayyaz Ahmed (PP-105) former PPP MPA in 2008, Nighat Intisar Bhatti (PP-107) PML, Nawabzada Haider Mehdi (PP-108) PPP, Maj Moeen Nawaz (PP-109) from PPP, Raza Ali Warriach (PP-110) from PML, Mian Tariq Mahmood (PP-113) PML-Q likeminded MPA, Hameeda Waheed-ud-Din (PP-116) PML MPA in 2002, Munawar Gill (PP-127) PML, Waseem Butt (PP-135) former tehsil nazim from Narowal on PML ticket, Col Shujjat Ali Khan (PP-136) PML forward bloc MPA, Akhtar Rasool (PP-148) was Chaudhrys’ adviser, Sahibzada Saeed Sharaqpuri (PP-165) PML, Malik Muhammad Ahmed Khan (PP-179) former PML MPA in 2002 and parliamentary secretary, Sheikh Alaudin (PP-181) PML forward bloc MPA, Javed Allaudin Sajid (PP-186) former PML-Q MPA in 2002, Raza Ali Gillani (PP-187) former Punjab Minister and PML-Q forward bloc MPA, Iftikhar Chichar (PP-188) PML MPA in 2002, Mian Moeen Wattoo (PP-193) contested on PML-Q ticket in 2002, Shaukat Bosan (PP-200) from PML-Q, Rai Mansab Ali (PP-202) former PML MNA,
Rana Ijaz Ahmed Noon (PP-204) former Punjab Minister and PML MPA, Naghma Mushtaq (PP-206) PML forward bloc MPA, Tahir Khan Malazai (PP-208) PML, Rana Muhammad Aslam Khan (PP-210) from PPP, Mukhtar Shah (PP-212) PPP, Rana Irfan Mahmood (PP-213)PPP, Nishat Ahmed Daha (PP-214) PPP, Amir Hayat Hiraj (PP-216) PML forward bloc MPA, Rana Babar Hussain (PP 217) PPP, Syed Hamil Shah (PP-218) PPP, Karam Dad Wahla (PP-219) PML former Nazim Jehanian, Khizar Hayat Khaga (PP-220) father of Walait Khagha, MPA Q League in 2002 and 2008, Muhammad Arshad Malik (PP-222) former forward bloc MPA, Arshad Khan Lodhi (PP-223) former Punjab Minister and PML MPA, Ch Muhammad Arshad (PP-225) PML forward bloc MPA, Ata Manika (PP-227) PML forward bloc MPA, Pir Kashif Ali (PP-231) PML forward bloc MPA, Pir Ghulam Muhayudin (PP-232) former PML MPA in 2002, Muhammad Saqib Khursheed (PP-236) former Tehsil Nazim PML, Saeed Manais (PP-238) PML, Mian Majid Nawaz (PP-239) former PML MPA IN 2002, Atif Hussain Mazari (PP-250) nephew of Shaukat Mazari former Deputy Speaker (PML-Q), Malik Ahmed Yar Hinjra (PP-251) former PML MPA in 2002, Tariq Ghurmani (PP-252) former PML MPA in 2002, Malik Muhammad Farooq Khar (PP-255) PML, Muhammad Imran Qureshi (PP-256) PML forward bloc member, Syed Haroon Ahmed Sultan (PP-258) former Punjab Minister and PML MPA, Sardar Muhammad Khan Jatoi (PP-259) PML, Muhammad Qaim Ali Shamsi (PP-261) PML, Malik Abdul Shakoor Sewag (PP-263) PML, Qaiser Khan Magsi (PP-264) former Tehsil Nazim PML, Syeda Begum wife of Ghulam Haider Thind (PP-266) PML, Sardar Khalid Mehmood Warn (PP-269) PML, Mian Muhammad Shoaib Awaisi (PP-270) PML, Muhammad Kazim Pirzada (PP-273) PML and Ijaz Shafi P-290 former Punjab Minister and PML forward bloc MPA.

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