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PMLF focuses on intra-party cleansing from anti-social elements

KARACHI: Pakistan Muslim League Functional (PMLF) had started internal cleansing process and party officers had been directed to ensure not to allow any to use party umbrella for fulfilling their criminal, vested or otherwise anti-social objectives.

The directives also contained plain instructions to the officers and workers of the party upto the grass root level that all should improve them regarding politically-oriented operations, strong interaction with the people of their areas concerned and for the promotion of party manifesto in letter and spirit.

According to details, PMLF Vice President and Karachi Tanzeemi Committee Chairman Pirzada Yasir Sain had held a meeting with the party officers and heads of different wings at his residence Monday evening.

While addressing the meeting, Sain said the criminal elements that had penetrated different political parties had not only brought a bad name to the political parties concerned but they almost dragged them to the verge of complete isolation and destruction owing to which a serious political gap was feared.

He asked the party officers and heads of different wings that they should focus on study of politics, public and civic issues and acquire perfect understanding of the issues so that they could play their vibrant role toward the resolution of public issues because being political activists, they had self-acquired the obligation for bringing positive change in the lives of the people.

He warned them the party would not bear any new or old if found involved in negative activities.

He said the political leadership of the country had inflicted colossal loss on democratic system especially when they were subject of serious allegations for looting the national exchequer, taking the looted money abroad and failing to bring improvements in peoples’ lives. Such damaging trends should be eliminated from the parties and the country and it was the only way forward to take the country to the apex of development and prosperity.

He also urged upon the government to ensure transparency in all affairs that pertained to national institutions and also ensure stern accountability of the corrupt because the fiscal corruption and greed for the wealth was equally more dangerous as was terrorism because the terrorism was an open threat to the sanctity and integrity of the country while the fiscal corruption in terms of bribe, kick-back and commission was like a termite that had eaten the country from inside. NNI

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