PML-N workers storm Rasheed’s hotel, raise ‘go Imran go’ slogan

multanMULTAN: Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) workers on Thursday stormed the hotel where Awami Muslim League (AML) chief Sheikh Rasheed was due to address a press conference and raised ‘go Imran go’ and ‘go Sheikh go’ slogans.
According to the details, PML-N workers, attacked the hotel where Sheikh Rasheed was staying. They threw stones, rotten eggs at the building and tore down Sheikh Rasheed’s campaign posters.
A number of PML-N workers also surrounded the Multan Press Club where Sheikh Rasheed was due to address the media and threw rotten eggs and stones.
“Threatening Rashid with dire consequences, hundreds of hostile N-leaguers stormed the hotel, tore down his posters hanging outside, and forcibly tried to enter the hotel. They also vandalized the exterior of the hotel building while calling names to AML leader”.
PMLN workers, who were chanting abusive slogans like ‘Sheeda Talli Haye Haye’, Ro Imran Ro, Go Imran Go etc. also showered eggs.

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