PM shattered the sweet dreams of Delhi by raising Kashmir issue effectively

Pakistan is the only Muslim country that became 6th nuclear power of the world and conspiracies or on against the country to deprive it from the very status till now on one or the other pretext. Though Islamabad has time and again made it clear to entire world that it would continue to maintain minimum deterrence to thwart any aggression against homeland, but there are some countries that keep making hue and cry over the country’s atomic programme. It was Indian that compelled Islamabad to opt for nuclear capabilities. New Delhi started arms race in the region by testing the atom bomb and continuously amassing weapons of mass destruction for its vested interest. India ranked as the third largest importer of conventional arms among developing nations with purchases of $5.3 billion. Following the Indian politicians and armed forces’ mindset, it can not be trusted when it comes to New Delhi’s declaration that it remained committed not to use nuclear weapons first. Having fought two major wars, Delhi remained a constant threat to Pakistan. The stubbornness of past and sitting Indian government on resolving the core issue of Kashmir had initiated an arm race as Islamabad have to maintain the balance of power to stop Indian hegemony in the region. Islamabad had always expressed its earnest desire to resolve the core issue of Kashmir through dialogues arguing that not the bullets but only talks are the key to settle down all the conflict between the two neighborly countries. But from Indira Gandhi to Prime Minister Modi none of the Indian leader accepted Kashmir as disputed territory. The presence of nearly 8 lac Indian army personnel in the occupied Kashmir could not suppressed the Kashmiris struggle for freedom. The Kashmiris rendered unmatched sacrifices to get rid of the occupational forces which can be gauged by the fact that so far over one lac Kashmirs including women, elderly people, kids and youth have been martyred by the Indian forces mostly in fake encounters.

Their only fault is that they never wanted to live under the illegal control of Indian forces. Pakistan has always supported the just cause of the Kashmiris people and raised its voice at every forum to aware the world about the brutal use of force against the innocent civilians. The Amnesty International had mentioned the atrocities committed by the Indian forces against the Kashmiris people in its report but the world community remained a silent spectator and never bothered to stop Indian occupational forces from committing genocides of the Kashmiris people.

Now, the PM Nawaz during his address to UNGAS reminded the world community about its moral duty to help resolve the core issue of Kashmir as per the aspirations of Kashmir people. But again India refused to respond positively. PM Nawaz Sharif has established himself as a leader of the Islamic world by delivering a balanced speech based on ground realities. Reacting on his speech, the Indian PM Modi following the footsteps of his successors, tried to divert the world community’s attention by leveling false allegations against Pakistan. PM Modi again laid conditions for the resumption of dialogues. He was of the view that dialogues can not be held under shadow of terrorism threats. He blamed Islamabad for harbouring terrorism but forget his own past. It was nobody but the Narendra Modi who being CM of Indian Gujarat played a major role in the massacre of thousands of Indian Muslims in 2002. He should not forget that he had been convicted by the local court over his involvement in Gujarat riots.

Pakistan despite being a nuclear power, always demonstrated patience and presented olive branch to New Delhi numerous times but the Indian government never responded positively. By raising Kashmir issue on the floor of UNGA, PM Nawaz Sharif has once again reminded the Indians that resolution of Kashmir dispute is must to move forward. Prime Minister has precisely shattered the sweet dreams of Indians for having access to Pakistan’s land as well air route to fulfill its trade requirements.

Sooner or later, New Delhi has to accept the ground reality either easy way or else. Indian should look in its own backyard before leveling allegations against Islamabad. There are more than dozens state where rebels are struggling to break free from the clutches of Indian state. Indian can not escape from accepting the ground realities by canceling talks with Pakistan on Kashmir for long. It can not push aside the Kashmiris as they are also major stakeholders. Ban Koi Moon, SG,United Nations has once again offered to play his role in resolving the issue but New Delhi would never allow him or any other country to even felicitate the process as it would have no moral or legal justification for illegally occupying the Valley if let third party enter in to the process.




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