PM says not difficult to clear protestors from roads but showing patience and tolerance

PM Oil&gasATTOCK, Sep 17 (INP): Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has stated in unequivocal terms that he will not resign on the demand of merely a few thousand people.

Inaugurating a well of Oil and Gas Development Company Limited at Soghri, Attock on Wednesday, he said he has been elected by one hundred and eighty million people,  and the whole parliament and political parties today stand united for the continuation of system.

He said despite negative politics of certain elements, the government will continue its forward march for the welfare and development of the country.

Rejecting allegations of rigging in 2013 general elections, Nawaz Sharif said the elections were not conducted by the PML-N but  a neutral set up constituted after consensus amongst the political parties. He reminded that in 2008 general elections his as well as the nomination papers of Shahbaz Sharif were rejected but still his party went into polls and wholeheartedly accepted the electoral results. He said despite reservations on the election results, we did not make any hue and cry and open any front against the Pakistan People’s Party. However, today a long march has been started against the government which has just completed one year in office.

Nawaz Sharif said the protesting parties are creating impediments in the way of development of the country. The Chinese President had to visit Pakistan to sign a number of agreements especially on electricity generation but this has been postponed due to the acts of a few thousand people.

He said the government has demonstrated utmost patience and tolerance in the current political crisis, otherwise it was not difficult to get the roads cleared from the protestors. He said the protesting parties should also demonstrate the same spirit and not create obstacles in the country’s development as the entire nation wants improvement in their lives. .NNI


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