PM personally monitored rescue of Pakistani’s stranded in Yemen

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister, Muhammad Nawaz Sharif personally monitored the situation about the rescue of Pakistani’s stranded assuring the initiation of first phase of their safe return.

During 48-hours before the beginning of arrival of stranded Pakistani, PM Nawaz remain in constant contact with authorities concerned including Foreign Ministry, Ministry of Aviation and Ambassador of Pakistan in Yemen.

On directives of PM, the caravans of stranded countrymen were gathered atPakistan embassy at Sanna, Yemen from where they were transported to HadidiyaAirport.

Due to personal interest and constant contact, during night stay at school ofPakistani embassy in Yemen, the stranded people were provided all facilities.

The Prime Minister on Sunday also directed theCivil Aviation officers to send more planes to Yemen during next 48 hours to bring back other stranded countrymen.


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