PM orders to remove his pictures from utility stores

February 25, 2020

ISLAMABAD:   Prime Minister Imran Khan on Tuesday directed immediate removal of his pictures from the utility stores.

Showing his resentment over installation of his portraits outside the utility stores, PM Imran Khan said his motive is only to serve the masses and publicity will not tolerate at any cost.

Following the directives of the premier, the utility stores administration removed portraits of PM Imran Khan across the country. The administration has been directed not to use any political pictures in future.

Earlier on January 6, Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan had formally approved a relief package for utility stores across the country, bringing the price of regular use commodity items down considerably.

The price of sugar per kilogram is available on a discount of Rs7 at utility stores, the retail price of sugar in the open market it Rs75 and will be available at Rs68 per kg in utility stores. 

Prices of rice, white chickpeas along with other commodity items will also be reduced. Official notification of the discounted prices of commodity items had been issued. Monitoring Desk