PM orders security for Islamabad’s hospitals, schools

NAWAZZZZZZISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Sunday directed the Ministry of Interior and relevant departments to take measures for beefing up security of sensitive places in the federal capital especially hospitals and schools.

He issued the instructions a day after two gunmen shot and critically injured a senior doctor at the PIMS hospital.

Dr. Shahid Nawaz, a renowned cardiologist, has been in critical condition since he has came under attack by relatives by a patient. The gunmen fled after the shooting and police have not yet succeeded to nab the culprits.

The Islamabad police chief says that the gunmen had escaped towards the barracks of the hospital. The Prime Minister also ordered formation of a special medical board for the treatment of Dr. Shahid Nawaz.


Nawaz Sharif called for security for hospitals and schools so that occurrence of such unfortunate instances can be avoided in future, the PM office said.


Hafsa Shahid, daughter of the doctor, had requested the gov’t to send her father abroad for the treatment.

Spokesman for PIMS, Wasim Khawaja, told reporters that Dr Shahid had received bullets at the back side of the head and that he is in critical condition.

The Prime Minister wished Dr. Shahid Nawaz speedy and complete recovery, an official statement said.

The incident has raised questions about the internal security of the hospital which treats hundreds of patients daily. Mostly come from other parts of the country.

The attack and escape of the attackers has also exposed the capability of the Islamabad police who could not succeed to apprehend the gunmen.

The PIMS Spokesman, Wasim Khawaja, urged the gov’t to allow doctors to keep arms for self-defence in the wake of the incident. DNA

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