‘PM must resign if rigging proved’

imran nawazDispatches proposal to PTI, PAT

SLAMABAD :The political committee of opposition parties has given numerous suggestions to PTI, PAT and the government for ending the current political crisis, and ending the sit-in at Islamabad. The jirga ended with a suggestive written solution in the shape of a letter, given to all concerned parties, which were also made public via media outlets.

The letter appeals to all parties for amicable solutions to their respective demands. The letter asks PM)Nawaz Sharif to resign if the rigging allegations are proven against him. The letter asks Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) to withdraw the demand for PM’s resignation, and only call for it once rigging allegations have been proven, based on substantial and significant evidence, as per the decision of the investigative authorities. The letter advises Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) on the matter of the Model Town tragedy, and has given a five point scheme for proceeding.

The jirga has asked the PM to announce these suggestions given by the jirga (committee), as the final agreement.
PTI has been given a set of 11 suggestions by the jirga in the letter. This includes the authentic decision of the judicial committee on the rigging claims, and the PM would resign if rigging is established by the commission. Recommendations of the Commission over the implementation of its decision would be final. This decision would be implemented at the federal and provincial government level, and all concerned parties would be bound by it and accountable under it. Expert would be hired for the commission’s support who would investigate the matter without any prejudice. Agencies

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