PM invites PTI’s chief to discuss demands

Says country cannot afford political confrontation

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Nawas Sharif on Saturday invited Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan to discuss demands, adding that the government was ready to work on any formula for the recounting of votes in 10 constituencies.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said that  the country cannot afford any political confrontation at a time when the armed forces are fighting against the terrorists and efforts are afoot to revive the economy.

Opening the National Security Conference in Islamabad on Saturday, he called upon the political parties to play a responsible role and stand shoulder to shoulder to steer the country out of all challenges.

Thanking the political leaders for attending Saturday’s moot, Nawaz Sharif also invited those parties who have given call of long marches to sit on the negotiating table to strengthen the system. He said we have to collectively protect the country from internal and external conspiracies.

He said there is no justification of long marches against the sitting government as it has just completed its one year in office.The Prime Minister said there is consensus amongst the political parties on rule of law and continuation of the democratic set up.

Nawaz Sharif said those raising slogans of revolution want to spread anarchy in the country which is not acceptable. He said the government is ready to sit with Pakistan Tehreek-e Insaaf to address their genuine demands.

Nawaz Sharif said a new beginning was made in the wake of 2013 general elections as the federal government accepted the mandate of all the political parties. The Prime Minister said Pakistan needs peace to achieve the objectives of development and socio-economic stability.

He said significant progress has been made on the economic front and the international companies have also recognized these achievements and improved the country’s ranking.


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